How to Sing Harmony Lesson: Harmonizing & Singing Tips

Nashville vocal coach Susan Anders gives a singing lesson on how to sing harmony. More singing and harmonizing tips, info on Susan’s methods Harmony Singing by Ear and the Sing Harmonies iPhone app, as well as singing articles, downloads, books and CDs are on Susan’s web site.

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Singing Lessons : How to Harmonize Singing

Harmonizing in when someone sings either above or below the original melody within the chord structure of a song, and of course, making it sound good. Discover the importance of knowing a song before attempting to harmonize with help from a vocal coach in this free video on singing harmonies.

Expert: David Kingery
Bio: David Kingery has been a singer, actor, director, music producer and vocal coach for the past 18 years, and is currently living in Miami Beach.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller