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How to Sing HIGHER with BETTER TONE: Voice Lesson #1

This video is all about the SOFT PALATE, and how keeping it lifted when you sing improves your ability to reach those high notes AND develop more beautiful singing tone.

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Stick around for an EXERCISE at 4:10 and STYLE EXAMPLES at 5:17, including “I’m Not the Only One” (Sam Smith), “Caro Mio Ben” (Giuseppe Giordani), and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (Ella Fitgerald).

TIPS to lift the soft palate and keep it lifted include (1) Maintaining a pre-yawn position, (2) Lifting the cheeks & brows, (3) Inhaling as if you’re smelling something yummy, (4) Opening the eyes, (5) Imagining the ears are widening/spreading apart.

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