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Avoid the opera hoot with this simple vocal exercise designed for women who sing pop, rock or metal.

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* Poor Breath Support
* Vocal Cord Compression
* Strengthen Voice
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Real Singing Lesson – Life Itself by Chris Brown. First Verse – Learning To Stay In Key – Kevin 2/5.

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Hi passionate singers, Rached Hayek here, from RnB Singing Lessons.

PRIVATE LESSONS WITH ME – I urge you to try private lessons with me. They are much more powerful than any information I could give you in a YouTube video or a course, because I give you direct feedback on your specific problem areas. This can only be done in a lesson, and must be done by an EXPERIENCED CARING EAR. If you know me from YouTube, you know I will not waste your time with vocal anatomy and technical jargon. You will NOT BE CONFUSED. You will know exactly how to improve your singing, and it will not be some distant future idea, it will be immediate and progress will be seen each lesson GUARANTEED.

This is possible because I focus on KEY – PITCH – LYRICS – VIBRATO – RUNS – VOLUME – RANGE – ONLY in the context of SONGS. These areas, all developed, is what changes your overall sound, or your TONE.

On top of all this, my prices are super affordable, as lessons are short in time. This gives you easy regular affordable access. USE IT! A long lesson is not needed, and are usually filled with unnecessary exercises. My lessons are straight to the point, YOUR SONG, YOUR VOICE, YOUR MISTAKES, FIXING THEM and I create a song based exercise to fix your mistakes. Two or three of these per lesson, and some pep talk for your particular issue, and that’s about 20 to 25 minutes. DONE! Come try my UNIQUE APPROACH, you will learn in a way you never thought was possible.

Can you imagine being able to HEAR YOURSELF SING YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS similar to your favourite artists, without any backing track or instrument, just purely your voice? It does take a lot of work, but with me, you don’t waste any time being unsure how to do it, like I did for years. You get straight to the right SONG BASED EXERCISES for your voice and song. I WILL PROVE to you EVERY LESSON, that you can make progress in just a few minutes in a weak spot. Add that up over a dozen hours and it will be spectacular progress. OVERALL SONG PROGRESS that unfortunately people never make alone, and never make with teachers that teach technique and anatomy instead of songs. Let me show you. You will not regret it. If I feel I am not right for the job, I will gladly let you know and will refund you (hasn’t happened yet, as I have had a lot of experience with many kinds of students wanting to learn rnb).