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Diaphragmatic Breathing – Breath Support

In this video Kevin Richards gives a sneak peak into on the exercises in his upcoming breath support program called “Breathe”.

This exercise teaches the concept of level breath support and anchored singing.


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How To Sing Effortlessly With Volume And Velocity – LESSON 40 – Shimizu Voice

How To Sing Effortlessly With Volume And Velocity – LESSON 40 – Shimizu Voice

:52 Most vocal problems can be answered by these two scientific terms, volume and velocity
1:12 Volume is different from just loudness. It is the amount of air flowing over a given time period.
1:30 Louder singing is higher velocity air. Breathy singing is high volume of air.
2:00 High notes are high velocity air.
2:16 Garden hose analogy
2:50 Adduction
3:40 Controlled by what you’re thinking
4:34 Diaphragm very important
4:45 Vocal folds controlled by body
5:34 Body tightens and vocal folds tighens
6:30 Abdominal pressure increases velocity
7:00 Relaxation is key to efficient use of air
7:25 Tension causes higher volume of air to be released
8:00 Efficiency increases as tension is diminished
8:30 A great sound is high velocity air with low volume
9:00 Spinal alignment helps
9:30 Diaphragmatic breathing is natural
10:30 Chemical change in body for relaxation
11:50 Outer stomach muscles must be relaxed.
14:00 Don’t trigger tension