Carnatic Classical Vocal Lessons with S.Sowmya – Learn How to Sing – Basic Lessons for Beginners

Carnatic music has a very ancient and traditional background. The very word β€œCarnatic” means traditional or ancient. However, the application of the term Carnatic to this form of music is more recent than the music itself! Here we discuss the elements of change and continuity in this traditional form of classical music in India.

S. Sowmya is a Carnatic music singer. She learnt music initially from her father Dr. Srinivasan, and later from Dr. S. Ramanathan and Smt.T. Muktha. In 1998, Sowmya co-founded Carnatica – an institution dedicated to classical music & dance instruction, archival, talent search and other related activities. She also co-authored the first comprehensive reference CD-ROM on Carnatic music, Nadanubhava. She is also a visiting professor at the Advanced School of Carnatic Music of the Music Academy Madras.

Basic Vocal Guide for Nepali Beginners | Classical Vocal | Lesson #1 by Sambat

Hey guys, today i am presenting some basic ideas and tips for improving your vocal. I have been taking music classes and i m sharing all the things that i learned πŸ™‚ I hope this video will be useful for beginners.
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