Queen of the Night, Bel Canto vocal lesson.

The Commander-In-Chief, learning to sing “Der Hölle Rache” from her singing teacher & mother, Old School Bel Canto coach Aina Hilltout.
The video was filmed on December 3rd 2017 in their home.
The CIC has studied Bel Canto singing for years. After having her main focus on guitar playing and songwriting, so far, she is now preparing to sing the coloratura arias that comes naturally for her very unique vocal range.
The CIC is very excited to be back doing both guitar playing and singing, after being away from music for a year, due to complications caused by a parasite infection in her stomach.

Lately, she has recorded a live acoustic album, with original songs, which will be released soon.

For lessons, go to Facebook.com/belcantocoach.