Voice Lessons To Go: How to warm up your voice at the piano: Part 1- Singing Major Chords

Ariella Vaccarino teaches a shortened version of how to warm yourself up at a piano using broken and major chords. Sing along with a vowel like “mah” or “we” and you will be warmed up! A longer version of these warm-up lessons can be found in her book Vocalize and on her CDs, which can be bought on voicelessonstogo.com.

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Ariella Vaccarino is the creator of Voice Lessons To Go- singing lessons on CD:
v.1- Vocalize and Breath, v.2- Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training, v.3-Pure Vowels, and v.4- Stamina. She is the author of Vocalize!- The sheet music transcription of all v.1-4 Voice Lessons To Go CDs.
Also look for Voice Lessons To Go FOR KIDS!- Sing Out Proud.
Her most recent release is the CD Vocal Repair- For the tired, overused, or recovering voice. Her CDs are available on her site: www.voicelessonstogo.com, as well as

From Ariella- “If you would like to sing for me to get feed back on your own voice, I offer a service called Vocal Assessments. Here’s the link: …
There are many levels to choose from. Submit your voice through a link, or attachment with your questions and I will give you an honest constructive Vocal Assessment within the week.

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How To Sing And Play – Bass Tutorial

Bass Guitar Lesson: Curtis Freeman, professional bassist and instructor at Metalworks Institute, teaches you how to sing while playing bass in this bass guitar tutorial.

Singing a song and playing the bass part can often be very difficult. In this lesson, Curtis makes playing and singing easy with a few basic techniques to focus on while playing your bass guitar.

By following these basic concepts, your technique, and singing/playing will improve immensely. This video is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced bass players. Enjoy!

Metalworks Studios

Metalworks Productions