Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans #1: 3 Basics Things When Learning How to Sing


Hello guys! This is my first official Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans videos! This is going to be a new series of videos I’m going to be making to target your guys’ questions about singing technique and how to better approach your own singing voice and improve your singing! Please share this video, leave comments, like our facebook page to keep yourself updated with our newest analyses and check out the KpopVocalAnalysis wordpress blog! ^ ^

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Free Singing Lesson / Power Breathing Exercise / Rock the Stage

– Kevin Richards @ Rock the Stage NYC

In this free vocal tip Kevin Richards offer a powerful diaphragm strengthening exercise to help singers build greater breath support for singing Rock & Metal. This exercise builds power in the core region of the midsection using intercostal diaphragmatic compression.

Breaking the Chains – The Rock Singing Course:

Vocal Fire – The Rock Singer’s Warm Up:

If you live in the NYC area Kevin Richards offers private vocal lessons – contact him through his website –