Singing Lessons: Resonance – How are you using your vocal resonators?

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Your resonance is what makes the color of your sound… your tone. Understanding what your resonators are may help allow for a sound that not only feels better, but sound better as well…less strain, less breathiness, less push, or more natural volume.

In this video I share a brief overview of resonance and offer some ideas on how to use them.

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Voice Lessons: Your Soft Palate – Bring More Ease And Freedom To Your Singing and Speaking

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Do you want more ease in your sound?

Do you desire a richness to your tone?

Do you long to sing and speak with more resonance and freedom?

This lesson may unlock your authentic voice and make sharing your passion easier…

Last week one of my youtube viewers asked some questions about the soft palate and I thought all of you would enjoy a teaching around this very important team aspect of your vocal instrument.

Whether you are a singer, actor, or speaker putting the soft palate to work for you can bring more ease, freedom, and richness to your tone.

Enjoy the video…

Until next time… always Rejoice In Your Voice™!

xoxox, Tricia