Paul Potts Singing lesson Che Gelida Manina May 2016

Paul sings one of his favourite Puccini arias from La Boheme. You catch Paul as Cavaradossi in Puccini’s Tosca at Chiswick House, London June 15th and 16th 2016 and as Steuermann in Wagner’s Der Fliegende Holländer at Szeged Open Air Festival in Hungary on 1st and 2nd July 2016

Paul Potts Singing Lesson with Raymond Connell

Paul has regular lessons with top singing teacher Raymond Connell in London (this is shared with his full knowledge and permission). If you see Paul swaying it’s not because he is drunk – Raymond often puts him on one of those wobble boards! Included are workshop singing of Che Gelida Manina and a beautiful Tosti song called Lasciami. Raymond is playing the piano. This is a real lesson and has not been set up for a promotional viewing, so it is a bit ‘warts and all’!

Continue following Paul’s journey at . His fourth studio album ‘Home’ is out now.