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Pop Singing Lesson – How to sing like Michael Jackson

Singing tutorial for beginner and advanced singers. Michael Jackson is regarded as one of the best singers of our time. He did this particular trick to make his voice stand out from the rest. Learn how to put your own spin on a cover song. Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.

Singing Lesson 1 : How to Sing in the Low Range

► LEARN TO SING: FREE Mini Course: Singing Lesson 1: singing exercises for your low range. This free singing lesson teaches you how to sing correctly in the lower portion of your range without effort. For more vocal exercises visit: www.vocalbliss.net

Free Singing Lesson – Best Vocal Warmup

Top 5 best exercises for warming up the voice. Use these weekly for a healthy voice. Check out www.VocalPrimer.com Sing easier! Sing Better! Period.