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Singing Lessons. Talent discovery and promotion. Start Singing. Vocal Academy, Vocal Lessons, Expert Vocal Coach, Voice Lessons.

We specialize in Video Lessons on Skype.
For many years our experienced teachers have mastered providing vocal lessons via Skype. Our success rate and repeat client base speak for itself.

Skype group lessons available.

Special Techniques and Personally designed exercises.

Preparation for: Auditions, Recordings, Singing and Karaoke Competitions.
Professional work with a microphone on the stage and in the studio.
Theory and Practice of Singing Performance.
Lesson customized based on your abilities and age.
Vocal Therapy.

Singing Lesson: Mary Brennan: 2 Technique for Connecting Vowels

Mary Brennan, singing teacher at the Dublin Conservatory of Music and Drama, looks at exercisesto connect vowels with her young soprano student.

This video was filmed as part of the Art of Teaching Project developed by and the Musicians’ Union to show inspiring, professional teachers giving insights into the way they work.