How to sing Hello by Adele – voice lesson

Check out How to sing Hello by Adele. If you ever wanted to know how to sing Hello by Adele, you’re in luck. I’ve put together a detailed voice lesson on singing Hello by Adele. I break it down into both technique and performance. We cover the vocal exercises that will help you develop a sound like Adele in the song Hello.

I’ve included some quicklinks in the description below if you’d like to jump forward or backward to a specific exercise in this How to sing Hello by Adele voice lesson.

We use what I call the marshmallow singing exercise. For breath support, we then add a moaning singer exercise. To ad projection and focussed tone in the chorus, I include a crazy baby vocal exercise and a pistols interval exercise. We then put it all together to develop projection, breath support, and articulation during the chorus. Lastly, we add a stylized element through the chewing vocal exercise.

These voice exercises will develop and shape your tone to sound as similar or as different as the way Adele sings Hello. Thanks so much for watching this voice lesson on how to sing Hello by Adele. I’ve enjoyed teaching you how to sing Hello by Adele, and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to sing Adele Hello. Happy singing!

* welcome 0:00

Verse Vocal Exercises
* tone quality: marshmallow exercise starts at 0:55
* breath support: moaning exercise starts at 6:14

Chorus Vocal Exercises
* projection: crazy baby exercise starts at 9:48
* focus tone: pistol exercise starts at 14:39
* combining crazy baby & pistol exercise starts at 18:18
* tone quality: chewing exercise starts at 20:52

* final thought 29:41

Karaoke for practice
* Hello by Adele:

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How to Sing Hello by Adele -Technique Breakdown!

Learn the technique Adele uses to sing her hit song ‘Hello’ in this how-to-sing video tutorial.

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BELTING VIDEO as mentioned:

MY SOFTER VERSION OF ‘HELLO’ if you want a comparison:

(I dropped this to E minor because my voice is a bit lower but its just one semitone down from where Adele sings it)

Verses: Em G D C
Pre Chorus: Em Bm C, Em D C
Choruses: Em C G D

And that’s it. Sooooooooo simple. Just goes to show you don’t need many chords to make a great song. If you want more songwriting training by the way head to and you can grab my free mini songwriting course there.

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