SWEET Father Daughter Duo & Moana Star Aulii Cravalho Sing How Far Ill Go!

Discover all about SWEET Father Daughter Duo & Moana Star Aulii Cravalho Sing How Far Ill Go! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here SWEET Father Daughter Duo & Moana Star Aulii Cravalho Sing How Far Ill Go!.

Amazing Video , will break anyone heart to see this sweet little girl singing a duet with Moana star! Very Emotional!!

40 thoughts on “SWEET Father Daughter Duo & Moana Star Aulii Cravalho Sing How Far Ill Go!

  1. Wasn’t he on the voice with his daughter? He has his own set of pipes! Genetics!

  2. NinjagoGuy416 says:

    Most touching thing ever! Now make her sing “You’re Welcome” with The Rock!

  3. Phaige Majella Arbon says:

    So sweet Aulii and the little girl so cute😍

  4. Kawaii Marshmallow says:

    Wow she sings so good and she is sooo young im like way older than her i dont think i can sing like hre

  5. MO Alomari says:

    So cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Littlemix Rocks says:

    I want to meet her really bad and I wanna sing really bad

  7. Jonovan Boekhoudt says:


  8. Official _Emzi says:

    Aulii HAS to be another Disney Princess….she just HAS to be

  9. Juliann Assange says:

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  10. Flippin Tiffany says:

    This girl will be viral one day

  11. yliazviel vaughn says:

    Love their eye contact 💕

  12. nicola cooper says:

    she is so so cute and great at singing

  13. Huge Romanatwoodlover says:

    This little girl is sooooooo cute and I almost started crying when she was singing

  14. glen judge says:

    anyone notice that guitar coming out of nowhere

  15. Lovely Kindall says:

    So cute. My 3yr old watches her all day. She is learning the words…. So sweet,,!!!!

  16. jesus mora says:

    Who else wishes they could be some popular for a day

  17. alison cruickshank says:

    So cute😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  18. OnlyOneJohnny says:

    Thumbs up to musician in the background

  19. SwaggerLikeMe2009 says:

    How the hell does this have 3000 dislikes?

    Those ppl right there are whats wrong with our society.

  20. demelzagreg thomassen says:


  21. Freya Goldsbrough says:

    Cheesier aregu in there’d tedious che paycraychee relay Gdynia

  22. this can literally purify the internet

  23. chloe morrison says:

    This girl should be on the elen show

  24. Diamond Wolf says:

    Claire stuck the middle finger out 1:36😂

  25. Itana Knezevic says:

    She is singing like she is 12-13 years ago

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