Stay With Me – Sam Smith (How To Sing…)

Discover all about Stay With Me – Sam Smith (How To Sing…) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Stay With Me – Sam Smith (How To Sing…).

Singing Tutorial analyzing the challenges presented by “Stay With Me” (Sam Smith) and suggesting vocal exercises and techniques to overcome them.

Video Content:
0:00 – 0:56 Opener
0:56 – 2:39 Registers
2:39 – 3:49 Harmonies
3:49 – 4:19 Dynamic Range
4:19 – 4:36 Stylistic Tip
4:36 – 6:56 Let’s Sing

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14 thoughts on “Stay With Me – Sam Smith (How To Sing…)

  1. Sonic Crew London says:

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  2. Kristina Nicole says:

    Neat can you check my vid of stay with me?

  3. gosugirl1 says:

    Really nice tutorial!! I’m learning to sing and this was really helpful.
    You have an amazing voice.

  4. Sonic Crew London says:

    #SamSmith is the big winner of this year’s Grammys. Learn how to sing
    #StayWithMe with Sonic Crew’s video tutorial on 

  5. Tehor Tashi says:

    You can sing really well and the tutorial was helpful, I’m going to try it.

  6. AddictKaskus says:

    hi, can you please explain how to use chest voice ?
    Is head voice and falsetto the same ?
    Thank you :D

  7. Melibond 64 says:

    Thank you my friend,that is really helpful :).Subbed ;)

  8. Melibond 64 says:

    6:03 booty slap :3.I love this guy xD

  9. Markus Machado says:

    Dude that gave me the chills. Beautiful voice

  10. Adrian Firmeza says:

    how do i will sound like you. You have a great voice

  11. Kaleb Nixon says:

    This is just not true and in reality many skilled singers have been accidentally stumbled upon, not even realizing that they might sing.

  12. First and foremost, learn to enjoy music, as that is something that could be very, essential.

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