Stage Fright – Afraid To Sing – How To Overcome Fear Of Singing –

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41 thoughts on “Stage Fright – Afraid To Sing – How To Overcome Fear Of Singing –

  1. My problem is not performing so much as practicing. I’m scared to sing in
    my own place because I have neighbors in the basement and worry about them
    complaining or something for being too loud or because I don’t sing well.
    Any tips?

  2. Paul Fronczak says:

    I think I need to spend some time learning your ways….I sing..and have
    had vocal coaches…but you and I speak the same language…

  3. Peter Ross says:

    C’mon, Suck It Up and Plough Through. Don’t drive yourself Crazy.

  4. Francessca Rupik says:

    i always find i need to swallow when singing when i get nervous!? any way
    to combat this ? I have a competition friday, SO nervous! thanks for any
    help x

  5. Blah Anger says:

    Hmm I have a horrible singing voice..

  6. frankdrums11 says:

    Freddie Mercury always had voice cracks during performances.

  7. Great point Ken!! Everybody in the audience wants you to sing and play the
    best performance you’ve ever done. They are ready to applaud you on to
    greater heights!!

  8. When I experience stage fright, it’s because of what I tell myself. I
    literally sabotage my own performance. I become hyper vigilant to any
    percieved goofs which only serves to make that goof actually happen because
    it breaks my concentration. Makes sense……. try telling everyone in your
    audience that you love them and that you what you are about to do, you are
    doing for each and everyone of them. Greats the show off to a nice friendly
    start and lets everyone know we’re here to enjoy life.

  9. Austin Baker says:

    Ok so I would try my best and learn to sing.
    I’ve never sang in front of anyone but I have performed in front of over
    half a million of people at Tampa Florida for the new years out back bowl
    in woodland high school band.
    But I just don’t know if I have a good voice.
    I’ve been watching these videos trying yo learn but I just never got the
    right video yet and I don’t have the money for the courses due to band but
    anyways I’m always willing to learn how to sing like 80’s metal.

  10. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

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  11. Kim Salazar says:

    thank u so much my little sister was seeing this and now u helped her so
    much thanks she was doing her talent she next week and u helped her so

  12. J StarMoore says:

    i think i sing WELL… BUT my stage frieght is from NOT doing it OFTEN…
    when im on stage for like 2 hrs before i have to sing,.. im OK,, but when
    just thrown out there (karaoke) i cant and freeze and dont do it.. BUT if
    im around it alot, ill sing. I LOVE and PREFER to sing infront of ALOT of
    ppl, than a few ppl. More people makes me more comfortable. ALSO, if im not
    prepared or rehearsed.. NOWAY NO HOW bc thats roomt o mess up.,

  13. Serena Hime says:

    singing infront of people is scary. mustering up the courage to let even my
    friends hear has been more than difficult. 

  14. If we understand that we are called to sing not because we must show how
    great we are,but how great Christ is, we’ll never be afraid to sing 🙂
    Just start to fear God and feel His love to you and you will never fear
    people 🙂 He made us to worship Him,not only with singing ,but with all
    things we do in our life:-) 

  15. Abigail Burgoyne says:

    I don’t have stage fright because I danced for 6 years (3 competitively) so
    I love being on stage, but it’s something about singing… I’ve never sung
    for my best friends, my family, jeez even my cats xD I don’t know why

  16. woods runner says:

    u r very inspiring, i feel i was born to sing,my mother n father were in a
    quartet and i use to sing with mom alot when i was a died and i
    lost my confidence in my ability.also people say mean things and its killed
    my confidence. i know i can sing but the only time i really belt it out is
    goin down the road cause its just me n god. i want to sing songs like
    imagine by third day in church but my church is so traditional and not into
    contemporary at all so i always think they will be turned off,and truth is
    its a very dead church musicly anyhow.low volume draggy music etc. what can
    i do? how do i get the confidence to put myself out there? i really want to
    sing but i get so nervous i get the shakes and that affects my lyric memory
    and my voice sucks cause im so afraid to get in front of them….idk what
    to do. i know god made me for this

  17. BandWagonBumper says:

    Donny Osmond suffered horribly with stage fright.

  18. chris bucknell says:

    the lyric is 7 women on my mind

  19. Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing This Video!

    I was a scared crow and all my friends used to tease me like anything.
    I was feeling low confident and low self-esteem.

    My brother introduced me to this “no fear” mobile app by lokesh , which
    made me manage
    my fears in a very methodical way and now because of this my fears are
    reducing one by one.

    I am much more confident and people are amazed at me!

  20. ArcticWolfDemon says:

    I know it’s silly and I should just get over it. But I’m no so much afraid
    to sing, as I am ashamed to. My biggest dream, since I was about 4 or so,
    was to be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. But the solos in my school
    district were always given to the same people every year. Then in high
    school my brother randomly joined choir and drama, and immediately got
    solos and lead roles. And even though I knew it was likely because there
    were very few guys, it still made me feel pretty lousy. Now, because I got
    it so mentally ingrained into myself, whenever I try to sing louder than a
    mouse while people are home my voice tightens up painfully and I have to
    stop. But when I’m alone I can sing perfectly. I don’t mean to give the
    story of my life, but it’s so hard to get over my fear.

  21. Sheryl Carpenter Johnson says:

    I am so glad you suggested going to karaoke to get used to singing in front
    of other people. So many ‘professional’ singers look down on karaoke as
    playing at singing. My own level of confidence has greatly improved
    because of recording myself singing (I never heard my own voice until I was
    50) and doing karaoke.

  22. jlucasound says:

    Oops..Super genius. I may post again before Ted is done.

  23. jlucasound says:

    Oops. My bad. Ken. Sorry Ken. I just met you on 1115! 🙂 Happy New Year
    Ted? Where did that come from?

  24. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Is There Really Such Thing As “Stress Free Singing”?

    I see many vocal coaches (and their students) promoting the idea that
    “there should be no stress while singing” and therefore frustrating the
    heck out of singers who think there is “something wrong with themselves”
    because they can’t, over night, achieved this “stress free” singing.
    (this also gives a vocal coach “tribal knowledge” to keep you coming back
    to them as the only one who has the answer to this elusive concept)

    This is nonsense and here’s why:

    Singing is like a sport. And with any sport, it’s not the absence of
    stress, it’s the management of stress that makes a great athlete.

    Think of it like this:

    When Lionel Messi is going to goal, do you think his body is “stressed?”
    (Anyone who says it isn’t has never played a sport before).

    But Lionel has learned the art of training his body and mind for that
    moment when it’s time for him to step on the gas, take on 3 players and
    score what “looks” like an “effortless goal.”

    But you can be assured, it was not done “without effort” or without

    Lionel achieved this through training his technical abilities as well as
    building stamina and muscle memory to achieve this consistency.

    Now it is true that some styles of singing require less stamina than others
    and therefore can be accomplished with less strength training.

    In other words, singing a light pop song requires very little “strength” in
    the sound whereas singing a heavy rock song often requires incredible
    strength and stamina.

    This is also true for those (like myself) that want to push their “limits”
    and abilities to be all they can be. This of course requires more “effort”
    and technical training.

    With that said, there are many stages to building this “stamina” and it’s
    ok to “find yourself” as one first starts with “damaging street singing”
    (with total stress) and going through the different stages of learning how
    to manage this stress away form the voice through correct training.

    If I didn’t show the different stages of this process, and only showed
    “perfection”, people would never learn that these people are all human,
    having to work on their craft just like yourself.


  25. More Than Muscle .With Michelle McDaniel says:

    I really enjoyed this Ken!! I have EXTREME stage fright all the symptoms
    you said I get and more. Nasea, instant headache, throat closing, i want to
    faint, which is weird because I do fitness competitions and love being
    center stage all by myself. I sing in a little friend group and do well but
    the moment i’m at karaoke with only a microphone I crack…I sound nothing
    like I normally do and it just sounds like..i honetly dont know…it’s so
    frustrating it really makes me sad. But I go every week to try and shake
    this thing, I’m hoping it will get better. So tired of making a fool out of
    myself. I thought I over prepared for this week, but it looks like I need
    more, I’m a personal trainer so all of my clients volunteer to let me sing
    in front of them that’s singing the same song about 12 times a day to new
    people..lets soo if this works by Friday karaoke night! 😀 Thanks for the

  26. Mixae Miu says:

    need to overcome singing loud when by myself first T_T

  27. Delta Doggs says:

    Low quality cam? Or out of focus?

  28. Tyra Elizabeth says:

    What about cases where you, each time you perform something, become more
    afraid? Every time I’ve done something on stage, the phobia has increased
    because I feel I fail and only validate my own fear. I’ve never gone on
    stage and come off with a sense of mastery, and the instruments I’ve
    performed on stage haven’t been vocals. Singing I don’t even dare to
    practice unless I know there are absolutely no one at home, all the windows
    in the house are shut and the door is locked and I’m practising in a room
    that’s not facing the street. When I’ve lived in apartments I never
    practised, because I felt the neighbours would hear me. This turns into a
    really bad cycle, because with so little practise (it’s not often I feel
    it’s safe to practise at home, and else than that I only have one lesson
    with a teacher per week) I never build enough confidence to trust my own
    voice, ear or pitch, and I never really build those skills either. I really
    enjoy singing, and have written song lyrics that bands want me to sing and
    perform with them because they like the lyrics and want to do a project
    with me, but I don’t feel as if I’m good enough (considering how little
    training I get my feelings are probably correct) and even the thought
    almost makes me panic.

    What happens when I try to perform something (I’ve performed with piano and
    flute solo on smaller concerts arranged by my teacher(s) and with school)
    is that I get so nervous because I know I’ll lose focus and mess up at some
    point, and when I do I tear down and shake even more, causing me to mess up
    more, getting me more nervous, etc. I have panic attacks before going on
    stage and mental breakdowns afterwards. Going on stage for me consists of
    panicking, failing then finding somewhere to be alone so I can finish my
    breakdown and crying there. And it gets worse every time, and the fear gets
    stronger every time. I also have an issue with concentration, making the
    few times I do feel it’s safe to practice singing kinda useless because I
    zone out and don’t get much practice done. I even zone out during my
    lessons with my teacher, and I do it a lot. I probably lose focus 4-10
    times while singing through a song, and I miss the notes when I lose focus.
    So I know that if I were to sing on stage I’d at least miss notes the same
    amount of times I do during lessons, but probably more because I’d be so
    nervous that all my focus would go into trying not to cry.

    I’m really lost, because I love singing, but my fear and concentration
    issues are making me plateau in development because practice is either not
    happening or is useless and the lessons aren’t often enough to substitute,
    and the fear and lack of concentration makes performing impossible. There’s
    a whole bunch of issues related, and my phobia of performing applies to all
    aspects of my life. I refuse to solve a math problem with someone watching
    in case I do it wrong, I don’t draw while others are present, I don’t let
    anyone see what I’m writing in case it’s bad. And the concentration issue
    prevents me from actually ever feeling a sense of mastery, which obviously
    makes the fear worse. This is probably a lot more complex than just stage
    fright, but anyway… if you have any advice I’d be grateful.

  29. BoogyWoogyCreep says:

    I played for 30 years in road bands and never had stage fright…until I
    removed my guitar. I couldn’t believe my guitar was my “woobie”.

  30. Boomboom boom says:

    It’s quite funny that I get more nervous whenever I sing in front of my
    family. When I’m on stage, I’m all excited and pumped up but when any of my
    family member asks me to sing for them, my knees shake like a magnitude 7.

  31. Pastorgaylal Price says:

    ken I am starting to feel so wonderful I use to do low solo for backing up
    with music groups I can sing songs like I love you lord without music sing
    like Jesus name of above all names and song called father I adore you.

  32. akwamarsunzal says:

    I play guitar and sing in a covers band… Stage fright… Two things that
    helped me with this… 1) Most people in the audience ‘envy’ you for being
    on stage… They would love to be there in your place! 2) Hitting a bum
    note, well, yeah I do from time to time… Maybe we ALL do from time to
    time… As long as you are singing with feeling that bum note becomes
    unimportant… Of course we want to play/sing to the best of our
    abilities… Hey, it’s only rock n roll BUT I LOVE IT! Great videos man!

  33. Very good video, I really want to make my own rock band in a few years. I
    actually kinda enyoy being on stage but I have two problems; my voice
    shakes when I’m on stage no matter how prepared I am and how much I
    breath…And also my legs and my hands shake sooo much. What can I do??

  34. Sven Janssens says:

    As you said, repetition is key and knowing the people that come to watch
    you are there because they support you… (alright, sometimes they have
    choice and they just have to sit through the thing)

    I love to sing (k.. notice I wrote I LIKE, not that I’m a great singer) and
    I can just give myself to singing fully when all alone. It’s a place where
    I would feel free.
    My stage fright was so bad that when I would sing somewhere in closed
    quarters and someone would stand outside at the door, I would feel it and I
    would right then stop singing.
    Imagine a person like that singing for an audience. 🙂
    Well, now I do.

    Still I will not say that I’m a great singer, but when people hear me sing
    they will really encourage me to sing or do something with that gift. So,
    sometimes I will sing in church.
    First time I really messed up but people encourage me to keep going, so I
    figured they kinda liked it or at least they don’t mind, so I started to
    sing a little more often.

    I know for sure I’ve improved, but I still get nervous when singing and I
    can’t hit the high notes all the time when in front of people, but I keep

    I’ld say, don’t give up. Don’t just do it for the people, don’t try to show
    how good you are, but rather enjoy your God given gift and try to share.

  35. Nathaniel Kemp says:

    Bottom line it’s undoubtedly one thing every aspiring singer ought to check out.

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