Sophia Grace Voice Lesson!

Discover all about Sophia Grace Voice Lesson! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Sophia Grace Voice Lesson!.

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42 thoughts on “Sophia Grace Voice Lesson!

  1. Mayalin Turner says:

    WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I don’t understand why people like Sophia

  2. Lydia Guerrero says:

    u made u look worse and sound worse she was great the way she was

  3. chantelle johnston says:

    Just cool that girl look’s happy look at the big girl him that’s strange

  4. Tanya Wei says:

    I hate Sophia (no offence), but I love Miranda Sings. Great job!

  5. Kelly Garcia says:

    you need to a singing not you sophih grace.

  6. Random Girl says:

    Miranda I am seriously your biggest fan you always make me laugh

  7. Raibown Sama says:

    what it’s a big mouth ? its ugly bruuuh

  8. Aoife o Sullivan says:

    this was the first Miranda video I watched

  9. Candylove808 says:


  10. RainbowSquiggles says:

    Lol I just LOVE this video! 😅😍😛

  11. Earth Acrob4tXTV says:

    Shut the fuck up Miranda blob

  12. Edina Clagett (Beyoutiful Portraits) says:

    you suck

  13. Edina Clagett (Beyoutiful Portraits) says:

    the little girl is better than you

  14. louise vlogs says:

    i prefer Sophie’s normal voice

  15. Kaycee Timmons says:

    😂😂😂😱😱😱😱OMG Sophia is a really good singer

  16. Angelina 2014 says:

    Trust me you guys will sound bad

  17. James Lapsley says:

    ok maranda stop doing voise lessons because there good before you teach
    them,and if they want to laugh they can.
    f*ck you

  18. Alanna Limburg says:

    It’s been years and people still believe that Miranda is a real person,

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  21. Find a qualified teacher, and then use the exercises described above to supplement your learning in between your lessons.

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