Singing With Rasp 3 How to sing with rasp Exercises - Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp - Exercises

Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises

Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises - Discover all about Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises.

In this video I show you some exercises to improve your ability to sing with rasp. The first exercise is all about increasing your vocal range with rasp. The second and third are more about controlling your vocal rasp. If you have any questions, leave me a comment down below and i’ll try my best to give you an answer!

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44 thoughts on “Singing With Rasp #3: How to sing with rasp – Exercises”

  1. Thanks! And we actually do have a Facebook account. I can’t post it in the
    comment here, but i’ll put the link in the description for this video. If
    you search for ‘Of Rare Design facebook’ on Google, we come up. We also
    have a SoundClick and a few other similar sites. 

  2. you’re videos are really good! it’s annoying when you find one where you
    think they are gonna tell you how to do something (sing with rasp for
    example) and it’s just a ploy to get you to buy their £200 plus singing
    course or dollars in the states. your videos however are very informative
    and taught in a relaxed easy going style!

  3. Thanks again! Yeah i’ve come across a lot of those videos. You expect to
    learn what the it says in the title, but they only give you enough
    information to make you want to buy their book or overpriced 14 CD singing
    course. I’m the guy that has bought them all and is now sharing the
    information with the internets ;), haha. 

  4. Thanks! I’ve never heard the term ‘compressing the voice’, but I can
    imagine what the term implies. The part that makes the rasp is actually
    your ‘false’ vocal cords, which are right above the vocal cords. They close
    slightly and put all the overtones you hear from rasp on the tone.
    Screaming uses these false cords as well. It takes some time to figure out
    how to use the false cords, but once you do, you can apply it to rasp and
    most types of screaming. Just takes tons of trial and error. 

  5. I’m assuming you’ve watched all my rasp videos, but if you haven’t, maybe
    the other ones could help. If you’re still having issues send me a message
    and i’ll try to be more detailed. If you have a video/audio recording of
    you trying to do the rasp i’ll be happy to check it out and try to help. —

  6. hi man great vids! can u explain or make a vid explainig how to sing blood
    and whisky by the rabble i really wanna sing like chazz rabble (or chazz
    valentine im not quite sure he actually uses) id be so thankful hear em so
    u can tell me if this is the technique he uses thanx!

  7. Wow, you are amazing. I was wondering if you could do maybe a female
    version of this? I would really like to learn how to rasp like Brody Dalle,
    Courtney Love, Joan Jett etc 

  8. Ok basically I think I’m somewhat ‘choking” well I get that sensation when
    I’m adding rasp, what am I doing wrong ?

  9. Sorry for taking so long to respond! The technique should be the same for
    females. There isn’t really any difference between guys’ and girls’ vocal
    cords, aside from size. If anything, I would recommend be a little more
    careful when trying to add rasp or scream. I’m not sure if the smaller size
    of female vocal cords would make them more sensitive to injury, but I can
    imagine that being the case. But girls can definitely scream! So give this
    stuff a try and lemme know if you have any questions.

  10. Its kind of hard to tell what you mean without hearing you. Do you have any
    recordings or videos? If you do, send them in a message and i’ll let you
    know what you’re doing wrong. 

  11. But just some speculation… Perhaps you are doing the rasp too ‘tightly’?
    Or maybe you’re just closing your throat as you do the rasp. Try holding a
    note first, and then adding rasp very lightly, hopefully that will
    discourage any tight throat closure.

  12. Also, as i’m not female, I can’t really offer my insights as to how females
    should add rasp and scream, haha. But, I did look up some YouTube stuff,
    and if you type in ‘dileesa hunter rasp’, you will find a woman of the same
    name (minus the rasp) that has several videos on how she adds rasp to her
    voice. It seems like the technique is the same, but i’m sure she’ll do a
    much better job at showing the female vocal perspective than me. Good luck.
    And thanks!

  13. It should be about the same volume, or just a little louder. You may be
    doing the technique differently if its quieter, or constricting your throat
    too much. Hard to tell without audio, but that would be my guess. 

  14. Hi Andrew, fucking great tutorials! I was wondering, if youd care to put
    them together in a torrent? Maybe even as mp3s, as the video isnt
    necesarry to go through your tutorials. I really appreciate them though,
    it would just be nice to have them offline as I normally vocalize elsewhere
    with no internet connection. Anyways, really nice. Youve got yourself a
    really nice voice to sing rock!

  15. thanks for these great videos Andrew! i can do pure false chord screams and
    fry screams but this rasp thing just doesnt want to work. so is the rasp
    coming from the scream register or does it come from the false chords? also
    when i try to slide up an octave and i transition into my headvoice on the
    way it seems like the rasp is somehow being blocked. its very confusing :/

  16. Do you have any advice for how to stretch your range high as a bass? I
    always end up sounding like a 13 year old boy when I try to hit anything
    higher. So many songs are all made for tenors so i always have to take
    them down an octave.

  17. even if it doesn’t hurt, is it normal that my voice sounds weird after some
    rasp singing? even if i only speak….

  18. This is really helpful. i tried to find a video with vocal lessions like
    this for girls because i’m very into Courtney Love and Brody Dalle and guys
    sings a lot differently from girls, but to be honest this works just as
    good. it just takes a lot of practice and learning to find the right
    techniques. anyway, thank you for this!

  19. Im still a little confused not with the rasp teaching because you do a
    great job at explaining this but which video number should I focus on more
    for like how Adam gontiers rasp feel

  20. Hi, I’ve seen a lot of your videos and they helped me a lot, but I still
    can’t make the raspy when I reach head voice. I dont know if Im explaining
    it well, but well I think I found my “mixed voice” and I can rasp the
    low-mid tones (I think I do it right, Im doing it for about 2 months and I
    didnt even got hoarse or a simple throat discomfort) but when I try higher
    notes I just cant reach them when using my rasp, or if I sing the high
    notes without rasp and I try to add it, my voice just go low or start to do
    weird things. For example, in the #2 video with the linkin park song, I
    can’t reach the “beneath my skin” part. If you could give me some advices
    or guess what Im doing wrong Id appreciate it. Sorry for my english, its
    not my first language, and thank you for your videos anyway :)

  21. Quick question, I’ve been trying to find the right way to start with
    grit/distortion. And I tried a bit but grunting seems like it might be a
    nice starting point. What would you say could help refine that type of
    grunting type noise into grit/distortion?

  22. God Damn, this guy can hit an high E with rasp just sitting on a chair,
    while I can’t touch a clean Bb (and I’m a tenor too). One day or another
    I’ll quit trying to do these things

  23. Hi Andrew, it’s been 2 years since you added the video but it’s still
    helping, I’m a beginner at singing with rasp and this is really helpful,
    thank you !

  24. Hey Andrew you’re videos are great! I was wondering if maybe I could find a
    way to send you a few of my videos singing? A friend and I have recently
    started up a band and I’m just trying to get the rasp down to full effect.
    You have a knowledgeable grasp on this matter and that is why I was
    wondering if you may be able to tell me what I may be doing wrong!

  25. question, it feels so hard adding rasp in my lower ranger or like adding
    rasp in my chest voice… it is soo easy in my mix and head voice… am i
    doing it wrong? :(

  26. A couple of months doing my vocal programme and you will notice significant improvements in your range, tone, flexibility, dynamics, breath support, pitch, vocal tension and confidence.

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