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Singing Voice Lesson – Musical Theater Audition Prep – Sing Like You Speak with Sally Morgan

This student has had several musical theater auditions for Broadway shows. He gets call back after call back, but hasn’t booked a show – yet. Watch as NYC singing teacher, Sally Morgan where she takes him through a step-by-step process that opens the door to clear, strong singing that is very direct to-the-audience communication. It’s the kind of singing that grabs the director’s attention and doesn’t let it go.

Whether you are a singer-songwriter, a musical theater singer, a pop singer, or a shower singer, this video has the keys you need to become a better singer.

This is NOT old time voice lessons. Sing Like You Speak™ is a new, cutting-edge contemporary vocal method. It will blow your mind how great you sound after 2 weeks of learning with . Check it out NOW!

Sing Like A Star!

Sally Morgan, NYC voice teacher, wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique — literally. Sing Like You Speak™: Simply and Naturally, a fully researched, documented and proven technique. SLYS™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully training singers for more than 30 years.

Her clients have healed vocal damage, expanded their range and have moved on to take roles in musical theater Broadway shows, record their own music and have gone on tours without vocal fatigue or strain.

There’s a huge gap between someone who sings and a true vocal artist. Sally is a master at helping singers bridge that gap with sing like you speak: vocal freedom, expanded range and power, phrasing, and most of all to create an immediate intimacy with the audience.

You can see and hear some of Sally’s clients on Broadway stages, Off-Broadway, in Musical Theater – Regional, on Major Label Recordings, the Conan O’Brian show, A Prairie Home Companion and in Federal Courts, the PA House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.

Sally teaches singing voice lessons in NYC and worldwide on Skype. Online voice lessons are @

Private singing voice lessons –

15 thoughts on “Singing Voice Lesson / Musical Theater Audition Prep / Sing Like You Speak

  1. SongbirdFlyingSoFree says:

    That was informative… i like the way you say breathe to the hip joints –
    haven’t heard it phrased like that before. And interesting to see the
    speaking in the body to singing in the body connection. Thank you for
    sharing this.

  2. Liza Macuha says:

    Step-by-step HD videos showing you every tip, technique, and exercise so you can simply watch and follow along on your way to becoming a great singer.

  3. Mike Malik says:

    Love it. Amazing lesson. By the way you are that person” Very Very fine”

  4. Mics Garcia says:

    wow.. i like this.. can u teach me plzzz.. i need this to apply on my
    music.. specially for metal like adding soft to it but powerful .. plzzz
    help me..

  5. randy ranjel says:

    Miss…You are very VERY fine! With ur nice jaw line. but u
    r good looking and u have a perfect jaw…pretty

  6. Kristen Kendall says:

    Loved it! Love HIS VOICE! And ohh, so easy on the eyes 🙂 Break A Leg kid!
    Makes me want to live in New York to be close enough to broadway and off,
    to find you in your first show, and in your break out role. Sing right to
    the top!

  7. lisa dewey says:

    This is a wonderful illustration of your technique. Such talent, too!

  8. Mason Hendricks says:

    The first time or two you sing on stage, sing a familiar song.

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