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Discover all about Singing Tips / Singing Tip Improves Song NOW / Sing Like You Speak by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Tips / Singing Tip Improves Song NOW / Sing Like You Speak.

What is Your Vocal Warm Up Warming Up? Sally Morgan and Sing Like You Speak have some answers to that question.

Are you warming up your voice, building some new skills or are you reinforcing bad habits? The Voice Builder Warm Up is all you need to build a stronger, freer voice every time you warm up!

The Sing Like You Speak channel gives you free voice lessons from one of New York City’s top voice teacher, Sally Morgan. Sally gives you practical answers to your singing challenges. If you want to be a better singer, subscribe to this channel and join the singing fun!

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Singer-songwriter, musical theater singer, pop singer, or shower singer, this post has the keys you need to become a better singer.
Sally Morgan, NYC voice teacher, wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique — literally. Sing Like You Speak™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully teaching people how to sing for more than 30 years.
You can see and hear some of Sally’s clients on Broadway stages, Off-Broadway, in Musical Theater – Regional, on Major Label Recordings, the Conan O’Brian show, A Prairie Home Companion and in Federal Courts, the PA House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.
Sally teaches singing voice lessons in NYC and worldwide on Skype. Online voice lessons

29 thoughts on “Singing Tips / Singing Tip Improves Song NOW / Sing Like You Speak

  1. Charles Cinco says:

    HE would be filipino right? but great voice

  2. Sally Morgan says:

    @charlesHBKWWE Yes, he’s filipino. Here’s an amazing before and after audio
    of him at singlikeyouspeak. com/testimonials/

  3. GlamourRita says:

    Lol he’s great and he sing like Bruno Mars 😀 Gr8 team guys ! I practise
    how to singing like Bee <3 😀 Btw. He's cute 😀

  4. Dexter Baño says:

    wow proud to be a filipino. i can sing also that great

  5. Shailine Daniel says:

    proud to be a Filipino..heheh!

  6. I’m a filipina too, but lucky you sitting beside sally morgan being trained!

  7. John Pavlou says:

    Very good, but a little feeling of giving a line reading to an actor.
    Still, effective coaching. Sally knows what she’s doing.

  8. Damaris Magana-Aramburo says:

    He is sooo adorable! Great tip!

  9. roseanajjar says:

    When you say sing like you speak, it means the same mechanisms are going on
    right? Nothing changes- same muscles working/relaxed, so it should feel as
    natural as speaking.

  10. Sally Morgan says:

    Yes, Roseanajjar that’s exactly right. Most people tend to stress and
    strain the muscles – the wrong ones – because of the belief that singing is
    something other than natural. Singing is the most natural way to use your
    vocal instrument when you learn how to get out of the way and allow it to
    do its’ job! What type of music do you sing?

  11. roseanajjar says:

    Yeah, a lot of people do things they don’t have to do when they sing. It’s
    hard to learn to break old habits and let go of that control though. I sing
    mainly rock- from indie rock to 80s ballads to Tori Amos.

  12. Sally Morgan says:

    How right you are! Seems we singers are control freaks! I’d love to hear
    your singing. Youtube?

  13. SINGER Aaron Caisse says:

    thank you for BIG HELP ME THANK YOU

  14. Olesya Vagner says:

    Sally, you’re amazing just the way you are!!

  15. Olesya Vagner says:

    really, a lot of people speak this funny voice))

  16. Paolo Xavier Ilano says:

    Subscribed, great work maam sally, i hope u can bump into some of my videos
    here on youtube (my singing videos only) and advise me of some help. I
    badly need lessons and cant afford it bec its expensive here in the
    philippines, hoping u can help me ma’am sally. God bless

  17. Yanyan Madiam says:

    wow im proud to be a filipino!lots of them saying that we should be the
    capital voice in asia 🙂 lol

  18. mrbubblessan says:

    As someone who is terrible at singing, it is hard to believe that this guy
    still needs singing lessons. He is already really good.

  19. XDranzer000 says:

    What’s embarassing about this for me is that what I write are love songs
    but if I have to imagine my crush…… too much for me….

  20. TheKidsShowtv The Laws says:

    You are great Ms. Sally! Thanks for the musical lessons.

  21. Paige Cox says:

    The founding members have dedicated themselves to learning the best method for training the voice, and to pass this knowledge on to others.

  22. You need to do whatever it takes to succeed to learn how to sing songs.

  23. Quindarius says:

    When you first start singing, start off with easy songs.

  24. Danielle Silva says:

    All of these actions can result in a hoarse voice, which affects your means to sing.

  25. This is especially true of classical singing, where smoothness of line is a part of the anticipated type, interpretation and execution of songs.

  26. Alejandro Hester says:

    Rather than enlisting any particular singing classes meant for youths, I suppose it could be higher if I presented a couple of necessary, but usually ignored ideas.

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