Singing Tips – Sing with Powerful Emotion

Discover all about Singing Tips – Sing with Powerful Emotion by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Tips – Sing with Powerful Emotion.

Powerful emotions make for a powerful singer! Singing tips learn how to sing with powerful emotion.

What does it mean to Sing with Powerful Emotion? Sally Morgan and Sing Like You Speak have some answers to that question.

A powerful singer has vocal power and also emotional power. In this video you will learn how to sing with powerful emotion.

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Singer-songwriter, musical theater singer, pop singer, or shower singer, this post has the keys you need to become a better singer.
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Sally teaches singing voice lessons in NYC and worldwide on Skype. Online voice lessons

40 thoughts on “Singing Tips – Sing with Powerful Emotion

  1. PowerfulVoiceofSuccess says:

    You’re very welcome! What music do you love to sing?

  2. your videos are terrific. just few words example of what you convey everything under has its place. I try desperately to sing but too flat. I need to gain some confidence I guess a be familiar with what I try to say. Just how to get voice out of me?! Thanks

  3. sorry for my EN. It’s a second language.

  4. Sally Morgan says:

    I’m so glad the videos are helpful. I love making them!
    Probably the ‘trying desperately’ is what’s causing you to go flat. Your body is a perfect musical instrument. Trust it and make it easy.
    For lots more help, check out my online training singlikeyouspeak. com

  5. Mr. Carlo B says:

    Wow, such a simple concept and yet makes so much sense. I have this problem when I sing and I didn’t know how to figure it out, but I think I have a great starting point now. Thank you Sally 🙂

  6. Larry Gowell says:

    This really supports what my teacher has me do at times.  Speak the lyrics and than sing them.  Thanks for your tips.  YOu are a very good communicator.  You can hear some my video’s on youtube by putting in Larry Gowell.  Thank you for your tips! 

  7. lumpem vashi says:

    Really helpful, thank you.. and you’re BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

  8. Dylan Wentz says:

    Thank you for the tips and help! Really applies to all genres of music.  I’ve been working a lot on my singing even when I’m in a metal band.  This really helped give me a better perspective on how to sing with more power and emotion which I needed.  Thanks again

  9. Ta-one's Been Trying to Sing says:

    I love your lessons. I need some Youtube friends to share their development.  

  10. hahaha I love this video, you’re so pretty and very funny XD

  11. franz lim says:

    hi there Ms. Sally.. 
    im really having a hard time putting some emotions to my songs..
    sometimes im getting bored and disappointed about myself when singing,..

    thank you for this vid.. more power

  12. DJ Mallows says:

    hey sally so i saw a video about how to sing punk and i was told it was different than any other type is this okay to use for punk rock? like greenday or sum 41. Also thank you so much you are amazingly helpfull. 🙂

  13. primohomme says:

    Great advice! thank you so much! 🙂

  14. primohomme says:

    And I must say, you are a very pretty lady

  15. peacewithfight says:

    speak to you about something…. Great stuff thanks 🙂

  16. Alyssinwonderland says:

    O.O It works… thank you so much, you have no idea how thankful i am 

  17. This video helped me SO much! Thank you! 😀 

  18. ACE JONES says:

    Hi sally. I have been singing for a long time. Been in bands and do alot of solo work. Ive gotten alot of positive feedback on my singing but never professional feedback. Would it be a possibility to check out some videos of me singing on my channel and possibly give me some tips that i can work on? Thanks! Anything would be great. My channel is the link below.

  19. Vichii Lim says:

    OMG! You are so great voice teacher! Thanks for this vid! It really help me! 🙂

  20. Roses1401 says:

    Awesome explaining!! Thank you so much Miss Sally Morgan!

  21. Zimbardo Beats says:

    The more you teach me pretty lady, the better my singing gets. Wow you’re right it worked, more emotional power.

  22. Wonderful Explanation Ma’am.

    Love from India.

  23. XDranzer000 says:

    So basically…. imagine that I am speaking to a certain person? PLEASE TELL ME THAT IT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO TEACH MAM !

  24. XDranzer000 says:

    Holy hell it DOES WORK, now I only need to decide which register to sing in what part of my song to not make it sound bad ! Thank you so much !

  25. hikanotes akess says:

    Thank you, that was very helpful, ive been struggling with expressing emotions when i sing..

  26. Sandra Cenecharl says:

    yes yes yessssssss!! thank you!!!!

  27. Zhiar Merlin says:

    So there must be someone behind your singing always.

  28. Yuki Kamigori says:

    I dont have any confidence in singing
    Cuz when im singing everybody looks at me 😵

  29. 태형김 says:

    oh my ghad! this helps me alot! a 5 months problems solve in less than 6 mins! just wow X3 thank you! <3

  30. Adiyna Songer says:

    This is good stuff! I always try to sing like I’m telling the story but I never have a particular person I’m singing too. I think this will trade my voice to the next level. Thanks for the tip!

  31. Strong heart cat says:

    Hi maam, im jeff from philippines thank you for your videos this will help me ill try this.

    – i am not a professional singer but i can sing thou untrained. My vocal range is e2-g4-c5 can i ask what is my vocal range? Or what type of voice do i have? I mean like bass or tenor?

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