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Discover all about Singing Tips / Powerful Lead Singer by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Tips / Powerful Lead Singer.

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Want to be a powerful lead singer? Sally Morgan and Sing Like You Speak have some answers to that question.

Learn how to lead your band and be a powerful lead singer. This video gives you vital tips to develop your skills as a powerful singer!

The Sing Like You Speak channel gives you free voice lessons from one of New York City’s top voice teacher, Sally Morgan. Sally gives you practical answers to your singing challenges. If you want to be a better singer, subscribe to this channel and join the singing fun!

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Singer-songwriter, musical theater singer, pop singer, or shower singer, this post has the keys you need to become a better singer.
Sally Morgan, NYC voice teacher, wrote the book on contemporary vocal technique — literally. Sing Like You Speak™ is specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, joyful and free. Sally has been successfully teaching people how to sing for more than 30 years.
You can see and hear some of Sally’s clients on Broadway stages, Off-Broadway, in Musical Theater – Regional, on Major Label Recordings, the Conan O’Brian show, A Prairie Home Companion and in Federal Courts, the PA House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.
Sally teaches singing voice lessons in NYC and worldwide on Skype. Online voice lessons

15 thoughts on “Singing Tips / Powerful Lead Singer

  1. PowerfulVoiceofSuccess says:

    Thanks, Swampdog. The short answer to your question about great singers is
    that they never stopped learning, growing, discovering new ways to open
    their ‘instruments’ and serve the music they sang. There are stories about
    Elvis sitting on his back porch w/his guitar for hours on end working to
    get the sound he wanted. Frank sang w/big bands and stood behind the horn
    player to watch them breathe and then did the same w/his singing. Be
    curious about how you can be a better singer and get help!

  2. robyonder says:

    you r wsome. Will check out webbie. . you r wsome.

  3. Dani Zonum says:

    Hi Sally, Ive just found your videos and they’re awesome! Thank you for
    sharing all these tips! I will watch all of the for sure =)

  4. Katie Martin says:

    Such a gorgeous, intelligent woman, hello! I’ve been singing since I was
    very young. As I grew older, I developed a very thick nasal problem. I know
    how to fix it, and I am able to, but the problem is that it takes SO much
    concentration to sing consciously. It seems impossible for me to just
    naturally develop a way to sing with my soft pallet elevated, but the
    bigger problem I’ve found is that my consonants are SO thick, no matter how
    well my resonance is. I have a strong vibrato, but ever since I’ve started
    trying to focus so much on better resonance, I’ve not only lost my great
    emotional capacity, I’ve started to give up singing all together. I feel
    like every time I try, I just can’t make it sound good. And when it Does
    sound good on occasion, it takes so much effort (but not strain) that there
    is no emotion at all. When I sing with emotion, everything becomes loose
    and free, and it feels right, but it sounds so nasally. I just don’t know
    what to do. Do I sound better, or do I sing with emotion and sound like I
    have a head-cold? Have you had any students like this? I am so lost, and no
    one has ever addressed this sort of problem. I would love to hear from you.
    Thank you so much, I love your videos. Hopefully trying to sing with the
    vowel on the beat will help. Thanks again!

  5. Dayna Gilmore says:

    Great video…thank you so much! 

  6. Sambista Nega do Samba says:

    If the lead singer asked the guitar player to go home then how would the
    gig go on? Unless she has two guitar players availlable.

  7. Sambista Nega do Samba says:

    You sing wonderfully!


    what do you think of the TV show the voice? good for music or bad or is it
    just bullshit.
    btw love your video lessons. bardzo dubsha!

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  10. After reading through these four steps you should have a clear understanding of the simple process you can use to learn to sing in tune.

  11. Ian Rivas says:

    It’s not just music principle – we also study how our music and choir are vital to our worship at St Michael’s.

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