Singing Tips on How To Do A Lip Roll Vocal Exercise – How To Sing Better Using The Lip Roll

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Singing Tips on How To Do A Lip Roll Vocal Exercise –

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Singing Tips on How To Do A Lip Roll Vocal Exercise Review

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48 thoughts on “Singing Tips on How To Do A Lip Roll Vocal Exercise – How To Sing Better Using The Lip Roll

  1. Frankie Lessard says:

    Are there lip roll scales that I can do?

  2. menolly1019 says:

    ok, but how do I actually do a lip roll because I don’t seem to have a natural knack for it and all I can do is blow air out

    1. FerretsCantGame says:

      To do a lip roll, you need to have good breath support. I learned that in band. If you are not releasing enough constant strong air, your lips will have a hard time rolling. So just relax your lips, take a deep breath and breath out. If your lips dont make an easy smooth lip roll, you probably are not breathing in and/or out correctly. using your hands like that makes your lips roll even with little breath, which is why it makes it easier. But to do a proper lip roll, you need strong air support.

    2. Aliyah Knetsch says:

      Same, I’ve been looking for these tutorials but still haven’t learned it yet

  3. FerretsCantGame says:

    But if you do it without your hands on your cheeks, you are having good breath support, coz without proper breathe you cannot roll your lips very well. I’m trying to learn to sing, so i dont know a whole lot, but i was in band and they had us do lip rolls for that reason. I’m sure using your hands has it’s own focus on the warm up, but without your hands also helps breathing if breathing is also a problem.

  4. it is not fucking liproll of beatbox

    1. Bluegirl2353 says:

      Omf I’ve seen you everywhere lel

  5. FireDancerization says:

    how do you do the roll without holding your cheeks?

  6. cubeartist22 says:

    I feel this is a little misleading. lip rolls are a series of very difficult sounds you can do that have been very popular in beatboxing as it continues to grow as an artform. This is great vocal technique, but a more accurate name for this would be an Outward Lip Oscillation Warmup. Btw I subscribed!

  7. Patricia Knox says:

    What specific style do you sing ?

  8. Anthony S. Nix says:

    I needed to know how to exercise and train my voice without damaging it, maintain a healthy voice, breath control. It has helped me discover how to get the best tone out of my voice while improving my pitch so it sounds full and pure.  I am excited about having a better quality to my voice, better pitch and overall singing ability.

    1. Jade McArthur says:

      Great video & Works excellent.

    2. Brandy C. Patterson says:

      It’s super easy and good.

  9. wonderclass07 says:

    Wow!!! I could NEVER do a successful lip roll until I watched this video. Holding up my cheeks works!! Thank you thank you!!

  10. Tayeta Pfithu says:

    oh shit I thought NaPOM Lip roll…..fucking wasting ma tym

  11. Wait liprolls help singing ??? Beatbox? BBK? This is how napom got his famous lip rolls from.

  12. I'm everywhere you go says:

    Am I the only one who can’t do it for more than seconds 😀

  13. GodzillaMusicHD says:

    I came here trying to do the NaPom liproll beatbox technique, but how does this warm your voice up?

    1. GodzillaMusicHD says:

      It’s a lip technique, not a voice technique right?

    2. GodzillaMusicHD says:

      Oh never mind this that type of liproll, not real liproll

  14. I laughed too much during this video when I’m not supposed to.

  15. higglyjuff says:

    Lip Oscillation, not a lip roll. More advanced versions of this are used in Beatboxing, liprolls are an entirely different story as they can take months to learn.

  16. solsixstring says:

    Really helpful. Thank you so much!

  17. Lavanya P M says:

    thank you sooooooo much. having need done for past two three years and after 10 minutes of struggling I searched on how to do a liproll and finally thank you so much :))))

  18. Tim Rideout says:

    To skip the intro that goes onnnnn and on, got to

  19. Patrick Gallant says:

    I have thin lips and I can not do lip rolls, I keep trying and just can’t do it.  Is there another exercise I can do?

  20. hyoyeon97 kim hyoyeon says:

    thank you for motivating me….can you please make a video on how to use diaphragm voice? i will really appreciate it very much… 🙂

  21. Surrendered Expectations says:

    Going to go out on a limb here and say youre favourite artists are Connor oberst(the hair) and Ed Sheeran (sleeve). Not saying thats a bad thing, but your heroic self seems to be other people you view as heroes, thats kind of ironic and sad.

    Thank god for medication deluding us into thinking we arent all just learning as we go, we are the first version of ourselves and definitely not copying what we like and claiming it as originality.
    Theres nothing new under the sun, not even your inner hero. That might sound pessimistic, but its actually alot more liberating than spending years chasing your inner hero.

    As the man who inspired your haircut said “Im happy just because, I found that I am really no one.” Live life, be happy and strive but the more you fight to attain some unrealistic ideal, the more you will disappoint yourself. Its kinda like finding love “id rather be working for a paycheck, than waiting to win the lottery”

    Thanks for the guide, leave out the misguided inner journey crap next time.

  22. Very helpful video, thanks Aaron 🙂

  23. Derek Jenkins says:

    seems like a genuine guy and am getting results but payed for 7 vocal exercises plus extra which i still cannot get to as site doesnt work and Aaron will not reply to my emails so not a teacher who answers your questions

  24. Princewill Uko says:

    how often should i do lip rolls

  25. suave unityderrick says:

    I have to watch your vedios more

  26. Albert Kim says:

    bruh that’s not the fucking lip rol you fuckin gidiot

  27. Talyah Miller says:

    this was amazing thank you so much I usually just end up spitting everywhere

  28. Mr.Shazzik _210 says:

    This guy dont do lip roll😒

  29. Lalitha Chandrasekher says:

    This was succinct, super helpful, and well explained. Thank you!

  30. This helped tremendously! Thank you!

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