Singing Tips – How To Sing – Tension vs Strain

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42 thoughts on “Singing Tips – How To Sing – Tension vs Strain

  1. Joseph Galan says:

    sometimes when i hold higher notes for a long time, i get a little light
    headed, even without straining. any explanations why? (and i’m looking for
    more than just “you’re doing it wrong”)

  2. Sarah Crilly says:

    I think I have the same problem, and then my teeth start to tingle, so I
    can’t really sing for that long:/

  3. Hollywood David says:

    Your using all the oxygen in your body. It causes you to go light headed.

  4. cierra robbins says:

    Please, 0:13 turned me on 🙂

  5. AReal Conductor says:

    Oh my lord, that’s atrocious. Can’t you hear how out of tune your G/G# was?
    Dreadful. Jaw down in front, tongue slighly open/downward rounded in back,
    pencil eraser space between your molars – you don’t have enough of a
    resonance chamber opened, which is causing all sorts of problems. You’re
    also fixated on the larynx too much; as if we had conscious control over
    it. Think more about how your breath supports itself, like a bagpipe, not
    the “tension, ” “compression” or approximation of the folds.

  6. TheDisturbedOne24131 says:

    You always hear that uhhh. Lol.

  7. Callan Carr says:

    Thank fuck you explained this to me, i felt for the longest time I’d never
    be able to sing cause everyone says “you should never feel anything in your
    throat it should be tension free” argh how i hate my old vocal coach so

  8. NeptuneatDawn says:

    He really captures the emo when you press 2, lol.

  9. Lucy girlbb23 says:

    aren’t you hurting yourself by doing this to your vocial chords by just
    teaching us?

  10. Destiny108☆ says:

    If you can sing the beginning “MA MA MA MAAAAAAAAAA ” with the right pitch
    and vibrato, you pretty much succeeded

  11. Ash Ketchum says:

    I wish my teachers in school were as funky as you.

  12. Wojtek Cieslicki says:

    2:22 “You’re out of your mind!” – Marty McFly!

  13. Midniight says:

    Gosh He looks like spiderman lol

  14. mrwhatsnexttothemoon says:

    With great singing comess great responsibility

  15. Do all of your mean Green Goblin? 

  16. stib bandojo says:

    great tip 😀 btw, looks like im watching arya stark’s adulthood.

  17. ben arellano says:

    Thanks a lot. This one brought me two floors higher.

  18. Monica Zúñiga says:

    So true, actually one does´t have to record it, you just feel the pressure
    is wrong and hear it too! Thanks! You are awesome!

  19. Leecarl Liwanag (lee26carl) says:

    is it normal that every morning i have a cracky voice. and i cant usemy
    fake voice. i always cracks…

  20. Ben Phillips says:

    Ok guys, please help me, I am 16 and I have been singing for about 8
    months, however, there is no progress, my voice also cracks on powerful
    high notes like Shawn Mendes’ song, “Show Me”. Is the cracking due to
    puberty or no? I would REALLY APPRECIATE some tips or some advice. Thanks

  21. JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

    Jesse, in other words,
    Strain = Too Much Tension ?

  22. Thank you very much, this cleared up a lot of confusion i had! :)

  23. Ray Roman says:

    guys im 9 and i need some advise i know im a little young and all but its a
    gift and i need this straight it is still confusing

  24. idris Tagiyev says:

    я магу все выпалнять

  25. Thank you for this video Jesse. Support is key indeed, no matter whatever
    genre or style of music you are doing – some necessary tension is needed
    for a fuller sound.

  26. Olle Carlsson says:

    So… is vocal fry and alot of air both needed to get the strain off? Im a
    baritone, beginner and straining like mad. Horrible :(

  27. Olle Carlsson says:

    Just tried to sing with a hell lot of air and sure it wipes out strain.

  28. Destiny Lewis says:

    Between 2007 and 2011 (the last year in which the competition was held), his students were prize-winners in each year’s Singing Competition at Canterbury Christ Church University, winning first prize three years in succession.

  29. Shelby Petty says:

    With more than 25 years of research, knowledge, and dedication to helping singers perfect their craft, world-renowned vocal coach Brett Manning has compiled his most effective singing lessons into this simple at-home vocal training program.

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