Singing Tips – How To Sing High Notes Singing Tips For Men And Women

Discover all about Singing Tips – How To Sing High Notes Singing Tips For Men And Women by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Tips – How To Sing High Notes Singing Tips For Men And Women.

Singing Tips – How To Sing High Notes – The singing tips for men and women in this video will show you an easy and effective exercise for learning how to sing higher without straining, cracking, or breaking.

Singing Tips How To Sing High Notes For Men And Women Video

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43 thoughts on “Singing Tips – How To Sing High Notes Singing Tips For Men And Women

  1. This guy sucks balls at explaining things and is a very boring man. I
    recommend watching FELICIA RICCI instead ! She gives AWESOME tips and sings
    1000 times better 

  2. It’s obviously best and recommended to hear yourself when you are
    exercising,but believe me when I tell you that I have been doing these
    exercises for years now and probably 95% of the ones I do,I do vocalizing
    into a PILLOW in order to dampen the sound output.
    I then sing to hear myself mostly when I’m driving.Don’t let what others
    think of you stop you from reaching your dream.Hope this tip helps

  3. Can you make a video about voice cracking? I don’t do a lot of singing to
    begin with, but when i do i have trouble “opening my voice up” and it just
    cracks and dies

  4. I’m 16 and have a very low pitched voice already, lower than most of my
    age. Like everyone else I enjoy singing but I just can’t switch between the
    low and high pitches, do you happen to have any tips, cause my voice just
    cracks when i go from low to high, and the other way around.

  5. I have two questions: when I sing high, my voice in comfortable, but it
    sounds really low. is there anyway to intensify the high notes? also, when
    I try to go from a high note back to a low note, my voice cracks. any
    opinions on how to deal with that? thanks

  6. I can sing most of Ariana Grande’s songs.. I mean, an example would be
    Tattooed heart. It is kind of high but I don’t have a problem with it. But
    for example Demi Lovato has also a lot of high notes, but I can’t really
    reach all of them. What’s the difference? I don’t believe that Ariana has
    lower notes in her songs-usually

  7. can you upload a video about making your voice sound high all the time?
    This video isn’t enough for those wanting to sing like geddy lee,robert
    plant,sebastian bach or dave mustaine
    (high most of the time).

  8. hi guys, the greatest success that i’ve had was with the Bens Singer Blog
    (i found it on google) without a doubt the most incredible method that I’ve

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  9. Hi Aaron I was wondering how long a vocal practice/warm up session should
    be every day?? there are so many excersizes that are helpful 🙂 should I
    focus on one area one day and then a different area the next? I have
    purchased your ssm basic system should I just follow that process? Thank
    you for your response peace and blessings

  10. Of course a man with a high pitched voice will be able to sing high notes
    easier. It’s not as easy for us with a deep voice like Barry White or James
    Earl Jones, although singing jazz is pretty easy for us 😏

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