Singing Success QA with Brett Manning Learn how to Sing - Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning - Learn how to Sing!

Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing!

Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing! - Discover all about Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing! by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing! and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing!.

Singing Success creator Brett Manning answers questions about his world-famous vocal training program SINGING SUCCESS. He addresses issues that explain how Singing Success will teach you HOW TO SING, Become a Singer, Learn to sing better and more easily as well as how it is guaranteed to increase your range, relieve all vocal tension and strain, hit high notes, style, vibrato and so much more. Find out from the author, why Singing Success is the world’s best selling and most effective vocal training program that guarantees immediate results! Learn more here:

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34 thoughts on “Singing Success Q&A with Brett Manning – Learn how to Sing!”

  1. actually before SS I thought that I am not tenor, that I was loose it with smoking and drinking (now I don’t drink and smoke etc) and I was so surprise to get back tenor 🙂 I can sing 3,6 octaves ,but I will hope to get on more, I want to sing low good and quality too 🙂 so Thanks SS , Thanks Brett, God bless you and your team 🙂

  2. The price of this program is no more than a typical college course(with books) at a CC. Only this deal lasts a lifetime. The “Free Vocal Tip of the Week”s should be proof enough that this program works. My voice was always tight, timid, and muffled. I couldn’t sing at all. But now I can sing in key, I can finally apply vibrato, and when notes just sound wrong, I know how to fix it. Thisprogram helps you become self sufficient.

  3. Could you please make a video about the yell you do in your song ”all in your mind”;s like Jared Leto from 30 seconds to mars.scream…and i want to learn it ..badly…im singing in a choir.for a few months,,,and home for years ,,,but i am still not able to make that sound…to make that great vocal fry:Dthank you!

  4. this program is excellent! I have never been able to afford vocal lessons, and started learning to sing when I was 20…. Until a few months ago, i could belt out a tune, but it was always difficult for me to sing… After just a few lessons with the program, now singing has become almost effortless….. And my range/tone is drastically improving!!! THANX BRETT!!!!!!!

  5. How do you use the program? like, should all the lessons (all 12 discs) be done per session?how often should you do it?

  6. I bought the set over a year ago now and I can’t seem to get past disc 5? I don’t think I’m doing them right as I’m not geting the benefit of it. My voice gets tired faster and I seem to be losing my top register? My voice also feels tight, I’ve got whistle voice but losing top notes? I’m not singing comfortably and I can’t hold notes for very long. I know I must be doing LOTS wrong.

  7. Also, one small thing. I loved everything you’re saying in this video, but I was a bit disturbed that I was only seeing your hat and not you. If people can see your eyes, they tend to trust you more. (Just my opinion)

  8. How does it work, really? I bought the program last year, and used it for two months or so, then I stopped due to schools and stuff, and when I look back it’s like my voice isn’t changing, and the worse part is I don’t know why D: I know and trust Singing Success that it really can improve your voice like anything, I’m just wondering if it’s because I’m doing it wrong. I don’t get those instant BAM thingy like how they mention in their testimonies. Can someone please help me? ):

  9. I’ve gotten SO much better at singing just by seeing there videos I want to see what happens if I actually get one on one lessons

  10. Is that Professor Brian Cox? 😀 haha jk, I really actually want to buy this, I hope it will make me improve. When I sing, I try to relax but my voice sounds strained and small, especially when I sing higher notes.

  11. My voice is okay so I hope I can make it big ♥ Thank you that comment kinda like made my day, I think my voice is unique so maybe I have the chance to shine… I want to :C. Thank you again, even though you wrote this comment like year ago lolz.

  12. I’ve always wanted Brett Manning as a vocal coach :c *sighs* Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift are so lucky to have this guy >.<

  13. One question, when he says that it will extend your range one or sometimes two octaves higher, does it matter where your range is already? Because I could hit a C6 and I think that is just my falsetto. ??? ?? ??? ?

  14. Once I get the program. How am I suppose to know if I am mimicking right? Or on key without someone in person saying “no you need to go just a little bit higher”

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