Singing Lessons

Discover all about Singing Lessons by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons.

Dallas Goldtooth teaches how to sing the AIM song. This video is a 1491s collaboration with comedian Tito Ybarra. Support more content, buy a t-shirt!

41 thoughts on “Singing Lessons

  1. Jennifer Grove (Dark Moon) says:

    Ow-ow-ow ee-ow! My stomach aches now… Yeeow-ow-eeeeow!…am I doin’ it
    wrong? ROFLMAO

  2. Doris Edwards says:

    These guy’s are damned hilarious! Their stuff cracks me right up!

  3. DA The Fancy Cat says:

    Haha!!! Omg!!! His drum is all cracked out just like his voice!

  4. ShadowAxon says:

    I’m always scared to sing, I don’t know how and because I lack the
    phenotype (so I appear fairly white) I’d come off as looking like some
    racist mockery. But I’ve been fascinated by the culture for years and have
    danced in pow wows, know several of the rules surrounding them, and love
    the culture. But I don’t know were I can get lessons without being judged.
    Are there online tutorials? Is there perhaps some one I could ask? I’m a
    decedent of the White Earth First Nation’s Wolf clan maybe 4 generations
    down~ What should I do?

  5. Waldo Chavez says:

    hahahahahaha how will i explain to my boss how water go on my keyboard?

  6. Robo statix says:

    do it like your crying I’m weak haha

  7. native “xXN4TIVEB4LLERXx” baller says:

    So funny

  8. thomas grasmick says:

    Hahaha you know damn well somebody was dumb enough to take this serious and
    know they’re singing like shit lmao

  9. Black Reaper Shadow says:


  10. frank Francisco says:


  11. Bryan Lai says:

    oh dude,that was fucking hilarious!!!

  12. Bryan Lai says:

    the way the fat white guy like little moron!

  13. nakshulmashath says:

    “There’s something about you I don’t like…I mean your singing.” Lol this
    always Crack Me Up xD!!!

  14. dijornopizza says:

    I really wish the uncle stop interrupting his nephew.the nephew is a great

  15. Werner Fink says:

    …realy cant’ stop lougthing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Florence Penashue says:

    lol sing it like this he says with a crying look on his face

  17. hahahahaha this is how they taught me lmfao

  18. Amelia Morin says:

    haha 😂😂this is the funniest powwow song lol

  19. Sollin Faolan says:

    I thought this was serious at first and I was soooo confused. Now I can’t
    stop laughing X,D

  20. Sid Shisheesh says:

    Yo your hand drum is not ready

  21. Oh my god, I found you guys again! I was looking for this channel. I feel
    so accomplished lol

  22. Bonnie Rose says:

    I thought it was for real! So funny thankyou xx

  23. Jerilyn Wapoos says:

    This makes me laugh 😂😂

  24. white indion says:

    lol wtf is this real,I can’t stop fucking lol

  25. Poppy Pocket says:

    I kept playing this over and over again. This is hilarious. The boy who
    plays the nephew actually started off really good, but the more the uncle
    patronises him he sounded worse. Lmao. Brings back my childhood memories of
    when my mum used to teach me how to dance our traditional Samoan dancing.
    Do it again….. Do it again….. Lmao :)

  26. Louis Phillips says:

    you guys are awesome keep up the good work

  27. Skyler Cockerline says:

    lol is this for real?😀

  28. enn84danger says:

    damnnnnn that was hilarious lol

  29. Milan Clement says:

    I was told not to record the

  30. That’s difficult query to reply, it may possibly depend upon plenty of factors; experience, musical background, and even when your objective is to sing within the shower or on London’s West End phases.

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