Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better

Discover all about Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better.

Learn tips on how to sing better, faster and with proper vocal technique with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: James Meny
Bio: James Meny has taught the middle voice technique for years. He is also trained in the opera & classical vocal styles & has studied under Seth Riggs, who teaches stars like Josh Groban & Stevie Wonder.
Filmmaker: Todd Sapio

40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better

  1. Trine Hanshaugen says:

    Thank you for all the tips 🙂 and guys, stop calling him things. he is only trying to help you, not the opposite. you chose to watch this video, he didn’t force you. he tries to be nice, and then you should try to be nice too.

  2. madisonelectronic says:

    suck my dick, fat asshole.

  3. ZachariahLogan says:

    then sing sharp… that is a really neat trick i have learned!

  4. catburglar82 says:

    I think what he said makes absolutely and perfectly sense. It may sound basic and null but theses were wise words.

  5. Philipp Zukernik says:

    I have a horrible and monotone voice when singing and I would like to reach an intermediate level, do you have any recommendation on where to start?

  6. xonlyxjojox says:

    thanks man!!
    i can reach a littel hight notes!!
    i sing every day!!
    and i sing kinda like flyleaf!! a littel high notes!!

  7. bohemiangrove says:

    sing everyday destroy your voice

  8. Modesta Magdula says:

    I think I can share to you base on my personal experience as a contestant singer, in everysong you will sing make it sure that its suits on your voice and you can insert your self to that song and naturally the hidden song will comes out.. keep on singing whatever you do and wherever you are even in toilet not excuse.

  9. Josh Burns says:

    I think I sing pretty well… and I have never had a lesson before, and have never practiced technique, or even at all, much :p. Am I lucky, delusional, or talented?

  10. autumnsapphireblue, the only one. says:

    i never had a real singing career or history, and mudvayne is my inspiration. i love you chad!

  11. teward1977 says:

    ok is it just me or does he do more talking and no training. i mean damn either teach me something ot take down the video already.

  12. Shepherdess Connie Brown says:

    should I just give it up?

  13. @Shepherdesscb lmao i said the same thing! i

  14. @MissAwsomeG lol i said the same thing!

  15. Alexander froderberg says:

    yeah cuz singing lessons are so cheap!

  16. Anoop Krishna says:

    Thanks a lot for this video . Good that there are ppl online willing to teach others . thank u once again

  17. I agree with this guy ;D But if you are gonna take lessons every day I think you need a personal trainer.

  18. So if you want to learn how to eat…. I mean sing then…..

  19. I just watched a singing lessons video that spent an entire 2 minutes telling me to get singing lessons……. well okay then.

  20. @marksualot69 exactly he telling u to get off ur lazy ass of the fuck computer and go get some lessons cunt im sure he does better things with his life than u could in 1 hour

  21. @theunknownkid123 fucking leave him alone cunt dont fucking watch this kinda stuff if all ur gonna do is critisise him ok fuck off!

  22. @EpicHawk fucking leave him alone he can lose his weight but ur stuck with ur ugly face for the rest of ur life and plastic surgery wont fix that dont be a cock head to some one u dont even know fuck sake im sick of cunts like u fuck off and get a fucking life

  23. @teward1977 leave him alone he is telling u to get off ur lazy ass and do something about if u wanna learn how to sing he aint gonna teach u for nuffin so stop being a cunt to him he telling u to stop being a lazy cunt in a nice way!

  24. ManyVideosforyou says:

    im trying too get good on singing don’t give a fuck if people dislike it ive always been this “though bad ass” now im gonna proove too the world i love singing

  25. unknownfakename says:

    THis is not a lesson. Its a pep talk. Thanks for the pep talk buddy.

  26. Christopher Tobin says:

    so you have to be fat to sing then?

  27. @SandyBalloon1
    And you’re a moron, which is infinitely worse than being fat.

  28. TheBloodyBlackJackal says:

    How come my singing only starts to sound a little better after a while of singing??? I do warm ups for 5-10 minutes before practicing; but it sounds god awfull until after I sing a few songs.

  29. BaconTerd says:

    Was i the only one that got nothing from this?
    -but thanks for the motivation lol-

  30. maribel ocasio says:

    hey thats not nice at all if you didnt recieve anything by this then that mean your vocal need serious help.. stop the bullying and trying to put people down its not cool or nice..

  31. Talha Waseem says:

    heY everyone sandyballon1 don’t have aomething called RESPECT.. LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!

  32. Linda SSeaman says:

    amazaing!for more awesome singing lessons->bit.ly1fSoFOY

  33. Benjamin Filbert says:

    So let me get this straight: The same youtube channel that can’t properly demonstrate how to change a gas tank on a Mercury is going to teach me to sing?

  34. Jennifer Williams says:

    expertvillage knows everything 🙂 and by the way what helped me when I started are these online courses. So I reccommend it if anyone need more help with their voice

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