Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How to Hear Your Real Voice

Discover all about Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How to Hear Your Real Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How to Hear Your Real Voice.

Learn the difference between what you hear and what your voice sounds like on a recording with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: James Meny
Bio: James Meny has taught the middle voice technique for years. He is also trained in the opera & classical vocal styles & has studied under Seth Riggs, who teaches stars like Josh Groban & Stevie Wonder.
Filmmaker: Todd Sapio

42 thoughts on “Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How to Hear Your Real Voice

  1. Ifeelpurpleful says:

    You didn’t answer the question presented? irksome

  2. GuitarM0use says:

    I hate practice, it takes so long!!! But if it wasn’t for practice I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m good at. Not that I’m saying I’m good at singing, but what I am good at I practiced it.

    Oh wait, yall don’t care. Ok, happy singing :), and remember to use your answering machine because its not the voice you heard in your head or whatever this guy is talking about 😛

  3. Simstyle12 says:

    lol yeah when i record myself on audacity, im like damn thats how i really sound but to me i sound like Chris brown lol jk .

  4. Kla MCClain says:

    is this a joke whats with the 1 minute vids?

  5. Robert Pickering says:


    That’s what I’m sayin. WTF?

  6. Heather McDermott says:

    that is true. my voice is a lot higher and sweeter-soundingish when i hear it on an answering machine or some kind of recorder, but deep and not so sweet regularly. that’s weird.

  7. TheBug1961 says:

    Try cupping both ears and pushing them forward a little, or cupping one ear and cupping your mouth, making a channel to one ear. You pick up more external sound that way

  8. ITF Basic says:

    WTF!!!!! how was that teaching us how to hear our real voice. thats bullshit man. screw it, this made me lose faith in expert village. i mean im sure some of their videos r reliable but if they can stand behind this than fuck it.

  9. less words and more practical examples!

  10. Andraia Gregory says:

    Plug your ears and listen to your voice..?? It stays inside..? lmao ;D

  11. deadwalker1234 says:

    Actually you sound different on an answeringmachine or a phone recording (what ever) because the low-quality mics usually don’t pick up low frequencies which come from your body when you talk. Decent vocal mics pick that shit up… usually.

    Just something that I’ve noticed when hearing my voice over different mics etc.

  12. dangokagome says:

    @StunnaHard123 what i dont get it . i have practice many times but my voice wont reach up D: when i try to sing high notes my voice breaks dammit

  13. Pablonuts Ernesto says:

    Well, this is not “how to hear to your real voice” actually is “what happens when you hear to your real voice…”

  14. xxxthoughtlessxxx says:

    @looi117 I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE!!! XD

  15. Ayman Dbouk says:

    Even if I sing with a microphone,
    The sound comes from outside
    But i still hear a good voice (while it’s not)

  16. Moggers1990 says:

    The reason it sounds different on an answering machine is because it’s a machine. It’s not gonna playback an exact sample of your voice – thats just common sense..
    And please stop putting “How to..” in your title if you don’t actually show how to do the act. Your just explaining what your supposed to be showing. Any fool can go Google that information.

  17. Lisa Högrelius says:

    omg, i don’t wanna do this…

  18. I tried this and I sounded as if I were drunk and half asleep.

  19. kire erik says:


  20. Sandrin Fernando says:

    @looi117 Probably not, because there are other factors effecting the recording like shitty built in microphones, electrical noise, ect. that distort that sound

  21. Justin Daniels says:

    i thought i was good till i heard my self

  22. @Expertvillage – Dang… only 0:57 seconds? lol! And I was getting into it too!! lol!!

    Ok. I see your other vids… I guess I’m off to see them.

  23. Royalty WORKS says:

    @macktheplate One person has a range of three octaves Marvin Gaye

  24. I hate my voice recorded. I swear to God I hate it! lol… Only when I have really good recording equipment and it makes me sound like I have what I consider my trademark sexy alto and not Mickey Mouse do I like it!

  25. @macktheplate yeah 7 octaves sounds physically impossible, I play the piano, and I know what 7 octaves sounds like. I give him credit for trying, though! He has other good points to look at.

  26. no wonder most people who cant sing go on talent shows and gloat that their voice is so great when it really isnt hahahaha

  27. Shiny Hooker says:

    to record ???! phahahahaahahah! xD

  28. I’ve heard song that require a range of 4+ octaves…it is quite odd…

  29. identifythisisme says:

    I sound weird when I record my voice.
    Sounds like I’ve got this creepy naisil <----? idk how to spell voice.. And I sound really good when I don't record it, like I sound really good to myself but... ;.;

  30. compositionsong says:

    The same old speech again… sr if u guys can teach the way of learning notes and pitch.. n vl be much better…dont try wasting time out hea.. time is short, try teaching the main lessons rather than secondary..sorry but i told the truth..

  31. John M Shaw says:

    get more beat making lesson ->bit.ly167YznB

  32. I am told I sound different on an answering machine or over the phone than in person…So I disagree with this. There are better ways to hear your real voice without using electronics.

    1. +Citraine Answering machines have less bass frequencies in their speakers, so yeah.

  33. Liv Jackson says:

    This guy never sings anything, just talks about singing…. :p

  34. oXForever FlawlessXo says:

    i am crying in tears my voice is so ugly and strange 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

    1. Ceira Mortimer says:

      oXForever FlawlessXo he is wrong, if you was singing then that wasn’t your real voice because videos don’t pick up your real vocals so you sound better than you think

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