Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How Singing Falsetto Can Damage the Voice

Discover all about Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How Singing Falsetto Can Damage the Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How Singing Falsetto Can Damage the Voice.

Learn tips on how singing in falsetto can damage your voice and vocal cords with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: James Meny
Bio: James Meny has taught the middle voice technique for years. He is also trained in the opera & classical vocal styles & has studied under Seth Riggs, who teaches stars like Josh Groban & Stevie Wonder.
Filmmaker: Todd Sapio

40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons & Voice Training : How Singing Falsetto Can Damage the Voice

  1. ElusiveHermit says:

    michael jackson was a baritone, he just sang in falsetto.

  2. Raymond F. Ardin says:

    there’s so much confusion out there because of the different ways people
    use the word “falsetto.” in layman’s terms, and i believe in classical
    music as well, the word “falsetto” is used to describe what pop vocal
    coaches call “legit head voice.” this is the voice used by michael jackson
    and all the other famous singers who sound like that. when pop vocal
    coaches like this guy say “falsetto,” they mean something completely
    different, and yes it is dangerous for your voice.

  3. Raymond F. Ardin says:

    HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE: If it sounds WHISPERY, with a lot of air escaping,
    that’s what this guy would call FALSETTO. If it does NOT sound whispery,
    but rather hooty or squeeky, then YOU ARE SINGING PROPERLY and it will not
    damage your voice. This guy would call it head voice, but in classical it
    would be called falsetto. But WHO CARES WHAT IT’S CALLED, the important
    thing is the way you sing, not what it’s called. :)

  4. Matt Hidalgo says:

    anybody watching this video, this guy has no idea what he is talking about.
    It should be a crime for acting like an expert when you’re not one.

  5. trunterzx says:

    Hmm, I’d better start learning how to sing properly…

  6. mrbouncelol says:

    He is 100% right. Don’t confuse falsetto with head-voice Falsetto is a
    false voice where you force air through lose vocal cords to get a sound.
    What happens when you force your chest voice up? You flip into falsetto. It
    is a protection mechanism of the voice, it is not really a ‘natural’ method
    of phonation, and overuse can cause serious problems for the vocal folds.
    There’s nothing wrong with using it as a stylistic technique but it
    shouldn’t be a crutch. Head voice =/= falsetto

  7. Im pretty sure you don’t get male altos… Bass Baritone Tenor

  8. i don’t agree with his point on falsetto meaning you don’t have a good
    range, i sing falsetto and also can do tenor, baritone and bass (at a
    stretch lol) range

  9. Raymond F. Ardin says:

    a powerful head voice has the same vocal coordination as a squeaky voice –
    in fact, they’re just opposite ends of the same voice spectrum. if you sing
    a squeaky note and gradually lean on it, it will sound more and more
    powerful. if it does not blend smoothly into your strong voice, then you’re
    in falsetto. i’m not at all saying that you should sing in that squeaky
    voice (in fact i hate it when ppl do that), but squeaky = CLOSSED vocal
    chords = proper technique.

  10. dondongo86 says:

    @MatthewAlfrey Roger Taylor, is a fine example as well.

  11. Ryan Quinn says:

    @lapointe34 And Jeff Buckley is even better!

  12. errm. chris martin – amazing falsetto.

  13. 1.- Matt Bellamy, 2.- Thom Yorke 3.- Chris Martin… the three best
    falsetto singers in “popular” music right now

  14. karekarekid1 says:

    frankie valli has and always have the best falsetto

  15. AsianDramaniac says:


  16. Tala Bayasi says:

    Sorry I don’t no that much about singing, wats falsetto???

  17. MultiSnotface says:

    falsetto is awesome and can be strengthened to mix with chest with
    practise, dont listen to crap on youtube, i know singers that use falsetto
    in many songs with power and richness, ( and no they are not using “head
    voice” as its referred to when you sing high with closed cords, thats crap
    too) its all practise, remember , nothing is forced, just controlled with
    resonance and finding that sweet spot in your voice

  18. jani14jani says:

    I really want to learn to sing well, where should i start? I play guitar so
    i understand musical theory and i have good ears, so were should i start.
    All help is appriciated.

  19. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    I’d love to see a video about how singing fry can damage the voice? When I
    say “fry” I mean “vocal fry” or “very low voice” a la Barry White
    (1944-2003) or Isaac Hayes (1942-2008).

  20. sitstandnow says:

    Our Lady Peace’s lead singer, Raine Maida, is the king of falsetto.

  21. Made Evan P says:

    @MatthewAlfrey Roger Taylor (drummer from QUEEN) has a good falsetto too…

  22. CaoinFitzMusic says:

    Justin Vernon is male falsetto 

  23. Chris Tha MC says:

    Michael Jackson sounded great and he used falsetto all the time

  24. BaroquenBrad says:

    The title of this video is very misleading because you make it sound like
    falsetto voice will damage the vocal chords in general. People who do not
    understand its functionality read this and their first impression will lead
    to more negativity towards countertenors upon perspective when compared to
    other “modal” vocalists.

  25. BaroquenBrad says:

    Also, I am curious to look into the more drying effect falsetto has on the
    chords in comparison to modal singing, but what I found most disconcerting
    within the first 30 seconds was when you described the voice with having
    less flexibility, tonal variation, and projection. You can listen to any
    professional countertenor and see how legitimate and true these voices are.
    Maxwell Cencic is a prime example along with David Daniels.

  26. ASH ASSHOLELA says:

    i think there is no such distinction as falsetto vs head voice. From what
    I’ve observed, there seems to be a blurring of the 2 modes. You can sing in
    various degrees of cord addcution. A very breathy completely abducted mode
    would be “extreme spectrum falsetto” whereas a completed adducted mode
    would be “extreme spectrum head voice”. The more “head” you go, the less
    breathness and the more resonance Nick Pitera flips from falsetto to head
    voice without breaks at all, which would not be possible.

  27. ASH ASSHOLELA says:

    if falsetto is a distinct mode and switching from it from a normal
    “register” always required a break.

  28. Lol are you kidding me falsetto can’t be female

  29. Falsetto can’t be female? Britney Spears – Ouch. Thank you

  30. Schoeman Smit says:

    First of all there the chords do not pull tight the excess of the chords
    are pulled away so that partial contact is made ,Secondly I’m a
    countertenor with a top A flat and this is not rare , the big guns have a
    top C. Overtones and volume work differently how can you put them in some

  31. Jessica LBrown says:

    Get more beat making lesson ->bit.ly167YznB 

  32. Sebastian Tannæs says:

    My range is from G1-D#5 but from B4-D#5 and my high vocal chords sound lika
    a falsetto reguarly, cause i trained wrong and i strained my voice to get a
    wider range is there anyway to fix those high notes soow that they sound
    like my other notes from G1-C#4 nobody any where has given me answer to
    help my problem

  33. Jeffrey Richard says:

    First off. I do not judge smokers nor non smokers… smoking affects the
    lungs. If lungs are weak then it’s like having a weak engine. The chords
    need to be hydrated somewhat or clear of any obstacles. Problem with
    smoking is number one you will shorten any career you would of had – lung
    cancer…hence why an age of responsibility ( basically anyone else to
    blame for your choice ) is assigned to it. Why not live a long long career
    2) when you wake wake up tell the truth …I’ve lived with all sorts of
    smokers both Broadway and opera….huge. ugh cough Shia claff… comes out
    of their mouth first 1st notes every morning… pure dehydration and
    crap…so you can’t most definitely can’t be on your good morning America
    unless you get up at 230 am and get that swizz out of your throiat…
    3 ) financially a starving artist will be single and broke , but have
    plenty to write Bout..
    4) just freakin sucks balls kissing your mug…I would rather make out with
    a cheeseburger

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