Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise

Discover all about Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise.

Learn the chin muscle test to help you sing with proper vocal technique with singing and vocal training tips in this free online vocal coaching video clip.

Expert: James Meny
Bio: James Meny has taught the middle voice technique for years. He is also trained in the opera & classical vocal styles & has studied under Seth Riggs, who teaches stars like Josh Groban & Stevie Wonder.
Filmmaker: Todd Sapio

35 thoughts on “Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Chin Muscle Test Vocal Exercise

  1. Ólavur Mortensen says:

    Yeah, this makes NO sense.

  2. artettina says:

    I feel what you are talking about.

  3. James Meny says:

    Actually, I’m not talking about the root of the tongue, though that needs to be relaxed, too. I’m talking about the digastric and mylohyoid muscles. I studied with Richard Miller, Jo Estill method and with very prominent ENT surgeon for singers TX. I hope they would know what they were talking about. I’ve also researched their information just to verify that others found, from science, that they knew about singer physiology and voice production. Thanks for your input, though.

  4. nicolashrv says:

    “Is not the chin, its not the neck….is this bunch of fat you have here under my big mouth that keeps talking stupidities”.

    For your information, that “muscle” you are talking has nothing to do with the jaw opening, and as SopSarah said, it only receives tension when you move your TONGUE.

    Try to open your mouth with the tongue relaxed, and you will see that muscle doesnt get tight at all, then move your tongue with the jaws closed, and you will see it gets tight and moves with the tongue.

  5. James Meny says:

    You’re one hell of a person. I’m sure your students love you and more people should be just like you. I’ll end all comments with you as we are going to have to agree to disagree. Best of luck to you!

  6. Mella Klaessen says:

    if those different words work better for us who whant to learn….then what´s your problem?

  7. i counld nt find the muscle all i feel is my adams apple????

  8. orson198305 says:

    James, I think I understand what’s going on & which muscles have to be ommited. I have been told that I have a really big range and can sing really high without falsetto and am considering singing lessons. I was a little disappointed to learn that my higher range is almost impossible to reach without this muscle being used. Am I reaching beyond boundaries unaturally? Should I not consider those high notes to be in my singing range now?

    Thanks 🙂

  9. James Meny says:

    Hmmm. That depends on what sound you are making and what muscles you are training to “not use.” What particular high notes are you talking about and are you male or female?

  10. Farhad Music says:

    No, its totally wrong… f u go yeeeeeeeeeee… it must go hard otherwise u have a problem with ur mouth ahahaha. This tip is clever cuz it means u should use ur throat and doin so will make ur voice and make ur vibrato better, but its impossible to have that part soft all the time.

  11. Farhad Music says:

    wot ting move? lol we r talking about singin here ahahaha

  12. The Robot That Stole Your Jawb!!! says:

    sorry dude, your neck may be soft but everywhere i put my figer on the front of my neck it is hard as a small bone anywhere unless im touching the sides of it.

  13. nateco100 says:

    Yeah, it is moving, so what? Come on man, it is impossible for you to produce a sound and not have a movement on your jaw/ neck/ throat muscles.

  14. James Meny says:

    Studied Estill, too. In fact, still with them along with Richard Miller or Oberlin Conservatory, Bill Neill at McGill and, yes, Seth Riggs for whom I’m not ashamed of saying was a great influence in my current teaching. Thanks for your comments.

  15. Tianna Parsons says:

    wow, how politically incorrect.. though i see your point… but although obesity is becoming a major problem in the us, the average woman in the us is a size 12, far from obese if you ask me

  16. Stefanie Hartl says:

    errrrr….is it false singing,too, if my muscle is “jumping” a litte litte litte bit? xD when i’m changing the note it’s jumping….^^
    (sorry for my bad english)

  17. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio says:

    chin muscles shouldn’t be tightening. Singing should be as relaxed as possible. There is some tension for certain vocal licks but overall the muscles under behind your chin shouldn’t be tense. If you’re tensing than yes, long term your voice will suffer.

  18. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio says:

    its Ok if its a little tense because that means you’re training the right muscles – if they do when training, stop, rest a bit then continue. If they’re a little tense all the time then you’re carrying what we call “weight” in your voice. Check out my “Falsetto Slide” exercise to see a demonstration of going thru your registers without any tension. Its a good place to start getting to know how it feels to sing without tension.

  19. This is not good advise. A tone is something that you hear and it finds its appeal to the ear. The way to judge the vocal action is by how the tone sounds not by what the mechanism is doing. The vocal mechanism does NOT behave exactly the same in every individual.

  20. affter i saw this i tryed it out.. and my musscle did not stiffen up or move at all.. i was excited because i was allways wondering if i was brithing right when i sing.(in my room at least)

  21. Kevin Richards RPM Vocal Studio says:

    check out my “checking head voice” video on a technique that helps you from tightening the muscles under your chin.


  22. side2 Side says:

    how come? it should be moving cause when you sing you say words so it should move.

  23. Silverlenses4 says:

    Maybe cuz so we would be using the right technique to sing, and not strain our throat.

  24. Chris Smith says:

    yeah but just to move your jaw. It shouldn’t be tensing because you are hitting high notes.

  25. side2 Side says:

    sorry , i’m still not getting it. try to sing so much high and try to feel it, you’ll notice it.

  26. its not useless, he was actually my teacher. if its your first time doing the excersize of course you wont be used to it or do it perfectly. practice and actually try to do it the right way and you will see the results.

  27. Abdulla Ahmed says:

    I get it now after a few 2 years later lmao

  28. MrRsnerds says:

    0:05 something he doesn’t do often…

  29. it works for me, except i can feel the vibes of my throat. so that can be confusing, cuz you think your flexing the muscle……….. but your not

  30. Yvette Mary Barwood says:

    i love this dudes relaxed method of teaching…he is so to the point and down t earth….

  31. CharmedFan082 says:

    I could feel the vibrations, does that count? Thanks for the video!!!

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