29 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Vocal Warm Ups with PawnShop kings

  1. TengoAkira says:

    That was helpful.Thanks P.S. You should sing “In The Jungle,the nighty
    jungle, The Lions sleep tonight” Cause that would be kinda awesome. Thanks
    for your lessons guys )

  2. You guys should do a lesson for don’t say that seems like a cool song

  3. hi! i have a jewel blue electric ibanez guitar that i got a couple of years
    ago. This may sound pretty silly but i never realized guitars needed to be
    cleaned. it’s really aggravating seeing my beautiful guitar as dirty as it
    is right now. can you please do a video on how to fully clean an electric
    guitar? thank you

  4. omg i can sing like michael jackson now listen to these people i sang like
    a strangled cat 6mins and 16 seconds ago amazing video 🙂

  5. apocatie34 says:

    oooo i have that guitar…gibson ES-339 ftw!

  6. tom hacker says:

    ofcourse it is , even some people who are tone def manage to work up their
    singing voices , it will take alot of work thought . just try not to be
    lazy and do alot of research on the internet , maybe pay for vocal lessons

  7. Larry Nelson says:

    great lesson–there are very few video lessons on geeetar strumming and

  8. knowing to sing has nothing to do with your voice type , its about trying
    to make your vocal sounds imitate or hover as close as possible to the
    notes in the melodic line , in fact if your voice is different it can be an
    advantage and give you a uniqueness, practice singing solfege Do Re Mi Fa
    Sol La Si Do , then try singing the intervals Do – Re , Do – Mi , Do – Fa
    etc and you’ll find your singing improving …

  9. Gabriela Franco says:

    Precioso video, gracias por compartir Paulo!! Gaby.

  10. fortitudo16 says:

    yes of course!! I am by far an expert at singing, but if you regularly go
    to singing lessons (at least once a week) and really practice good
    technique, everyone can sing! It’s honestly the truth! I never though i
    would be able to sing, but i am in a band, and singing is the most
    important thing i do now. But finding the right instructor is really
    important too! Hope this helps a bit : )

  11. guaben mangle says:

    about how long should i do these typers of exercises before singing?

  12. MediaKubus says:

    @1xagon1 look up eagle eye cherry – save tonight, same chords

  13. rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato says:

    great stuff, thanks for sharing fellas.

  14. AtariMaxiToriyama says:

    @guaben 15 to 30 minutes, from what I hear. Actually, I hear you do ’em
    until you feel that you are fully warmed up, whatever THAT is supposed to

  15. Amr Khaled says:

    wat’s the song in the first 😀 btw ! i loved the video

  16. Lilly Henson says:

    HEAD VOICE is used to give a label to high notes that result from a thinning of the vocal cords, ligaments and epithelium when ascending the scale.

  17. Timothy Harmon says:

    Taught across the world, Speech Level Singing was originated by Seth Riggs in America, who has taught Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Annie Lennox, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Cole and Ray Charles – to name but a few.

  18. Mary Lewis says:

    It takes a while to know what to take heed to in relation to tuning, however it is worthwhile studying this as it’ll assist your singing profession enormously in the long term.

  19. Tanner Brock says:

    This drill makes use of the information within the previous lectures relating to tone and frequency to further the institution of the students understanding of sound and how it relates to learning the right way to sing.

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