Singing Lessons, Vocal Singing Lessons to Sing Classic Rock

Discover all about Singing Lessons, Vocal Singing Lessons to Sing Classic Rock by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons, Vocal Singing Lessons to Sing Classic Rock.

Vocal Singing Lessons – lessons for classic rock singing. In this video Ken Tamplin explains that one voice can do a lot of different things.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy provides vocal lessons for how to sing classic rock.

Your voice is a muscle and just like any other muscle in your body, it requires correct and constant training in order to grow. When you start to take singing lessons, you are putting your voice muscle through a new workout.

This video is just for the learner, who wants to learn classic rock singing.

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39 thoughts on “Singing Lessons, Vocal Singing Lessons to Sing Classic Rock

  1. OneDamNote says:

    Great, look forward to our session.

  2. paulo94santista says:

    You are the best singer I’ve ever seen in my life, sing like you are my

  3. Hey Ken great vocal Range you have there very gifted and thanks for sharing
    your talent enjoyed every video.
    I’ve tried singing rock for years cant seem to get that rock sound but
    doing pretty well in the country sounds but I’ll keep trying Thanks Again

  4. Joy Henley says:

    You were born to sing! I’m in awe of your talent!

  5. Guy Hansen says:

    Does the screen in front of the mic, and the quality of the mic have
    anything to do with the sound? 

  6. Anthony Nguyen says:

    Can you tell me how did you not get your voice distorted when screaming
    into the mic, I did some recording but when I shout into the mic it really
    distorted my vocal , do I need a compressor is something. Thank you

  7. RevelryTrove says:

    Marvellous! Marvellous! Sir, you are a one-man orchestra.

  8. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    @ Austin Crawford. I have about 40 albums out 🙂

    1984 – Joshua – Surrender
    1987 – Shout – It Won’t Be Long
    1988 – Shout – In Your Face
    1989 – Angelica – Angelica
    1989 – The Power Team – Take ‘Em Back
    1990 – Tamplin and Friends – An Axe to Grind
    1991 – Ken Tamplin – Soul Survivor
    1991 – Magdallan – Big Bang
    1992 – Rock Of The 80’s – Volume 1
    1993 – Tamplin – Tamplin
    1993 – Hollywood Hairspray – Volume 2
    1994 – Shout – At The Top Of Their Lungs
    1995 – Tamplin – In the Witness Box
    1995 – Ken Tamplin – We the People
    1995 – Ken Tamplin – Goin’ Home
    1996 – Magdallan – End Of The Ages
    1997 – Ken Tamplin – Liquid Music Compilation
    1997 – Ken Tamplin – The Colors of Christmas
    1997 – Shout – Back
    1998 – Major League Soundtrack – Back To The Minors
    1999 – Ken Tamplin – Brave Days of Old
    2001 – Ken Tamplin – Where Love Is
    2001 – Ken Tamplin – Make Me Your Voice 1
    2002 – Laudamus – Lost In Vain
    2003 – Ken Tamplin and Friends – Wake the Nations
    2004 – Ken Tamplin – Make Me Your Voice 2
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 1
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 2
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 3
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 4
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 5
    2011 – Ken Tamplin – Got You Covered Vol 6
    2012 – Ken Tamplin – Then Sings My Soul
    2012 – Ken Tamplin – Superstar Medleys
    2014 – Ken Tamplin – Ballads of Ken Tamplin Vol 1

  9. Edwin Myers says:

    you teach in your videos that one shouldn’t raise their shoulder while
    singing, and yet you do that a lot, everytime you breath your shoulders
    jump up, how come?

  10. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Lots of great Classic Rock covers in this demo. Just listen to these
    vocals! Learn to sing like this with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing
    Go to and find out more!
    You can join Ken’s singers forums at
    and interact with singers from all
    over the world who are there to learn more about KTVA!

  11. sgperson101 says:

    Hey Ken,
    I was wondering if you would be able to release a video just solely on
    rasp/grit. I notice that you never seem strained or hoarse after singing. I
    have come to realise that rasping with or without healthy technique can
    sound very similar. You were saying in your “the pretender” video that you
    held your breath. I have not heard of that technique before. Are you able
    to explain it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


  12. Nailed it. Love to hear you do some Paul Rodgers stuff

  13. buffyguy10 says:

    what kind of mic are you using..? i am looking for a that a xlr?
    what is the brand and model please?

  14. Valentin Polevoy says:

    Ken, it sounds really cool! 

  15. Kang Le Yeo says:

    Rock’s your scene sir. You are ROCK manifest. Absolutely fantastic.

  16. On Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love, is that just your voice or is there
    a sound guy adding some effects. Is the sound guy helping you out. Just

  17. the flavabomb says:

    Thanks bro..enjoyed listening.. I’m an artist and have quiet a bit of music
    on my S/C… But feeling natural with my vocals has took me a long
    time..and I still don’t feel much progress..I can hit the notes..but never
    seem to feel at ease or the right balance of chest/head or whatver…I’ve
    no formal training though I suppose… You have a real talent..and great
    Mic skills.. I love Paul Rodgers too…super #Kudos for that bro!! 

  18. IronOrePickaxe says:

    First few songs – Ok, clearly this guy can sing. He sounds great
    Whole Lotta Love plays – Wow! This Guy’s incredible!

  19. Lubomyr Sakaluk (LUK) says:

    Great) Неймовірно)

  20. Steven DeBerg says:

    Are you in a band? Assuming so haha whats it called? Would love to hear
    some of your songs! 

  21. Positive Studio says:

    can you list those songs? please

  22. Taytertot says:

    Do you feel that some people dont have the right voice for rock but maybe
    have a great voice for a different genre? Ive been singing for about 7
    years and never felt that i could really pull off rock very well.

  23. Anthony Gimotea says:

    ***th@nk$ m@n**rock n ro££*****

  24. BrianCoyneMusic&Art says:

    That was so great! And so inspiring!!!!

  25. jimmbob beerfish says:

    how do I get professional microphones and the equipment to make me sound
    that good…? just curious

  26. Vicky theValk says:

    how have i not heard of you ???????????? ^5 from wales Uk

  27. Rasmus Johansen says:

    What is the list of these songs???

  28. babelbrother says:

    Sweet vocals and despite some great runs you are never bigger than the
    songs here and that is one of the biggest lessons to learn about singing –
    the song is always king – Great job here Ken

  29. Елена Нагоричная says:

    You are so good! Nice to meet you! Just enjoy your voice and your eyes so

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