Singing Lessons Vocal Control/Singing to a baby

Discover all about Singing Lessons Vocal Control/Singing to a baby by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons Vocal Control/Singing to a baby.

A brief vocal lesson on vocal control. Singing to a baby. It will help you mentally pull back.
And on my videos you will hear me singing on the intro and ending, enjoy the tunes!

13 thoughts on “Singing Lessons Vocal Control/Singing to a baby

  1. tvz123sing says:

    Yeah this one technique is so easy to forget about, because singers feel
    like they need power all the time and most…just like me end up bottom

  2. namdlefhtes says:

    So much of this is psychological too, feeling like those heady tones are
    not full enough. It doesn’t matter! If you’re singing just make it sound
    awesome. Powering through a song will tire both you and your audience out.

  3. Mendel Markel says:

    That’s an interesting visualization… really helps develop resonance. Many
    people don’t realize that no voice is powerful enough to sing louder than a
    full orchestra, only the resonance will carry over them, so why use
    anything BUT the resonance? Plus that’s where the beauty is, as can be
    really heard by hearing the likes of Niccolai Gedda. “Sing with the
    interest” as they say 🙂

  4. Phil Moufarrege says:

    This is actually quite advanced. it took me a long time to develop this. it
    requires the ability to thin out the voice and sing in the mix (between
    heead and chest) basically the lower the volume the earlier you have to
    bridge. that loud note was full chesty, the softer was more mixed between
    chest and head resonance. great video!

  5. daniel formica says:

    thanks Phil I appreciate it as you know it ain’t easy it takes alot of

  6. ericwikmanmusic says:

    Great! Would really love to see more detail on the singing to a baby thing.
    I’ve asked many people how to sing big parts quietly. I think this is how
    to discover & build that part of your voice.

  7. Killer Ku says:

    Of all of the biggest barriers to achieving this, the number one for me was
    pressing my phonation, either out of fear of overblowing or out of a desire
    to try to make it bigger than it should be.

    So if anyone out there is having lots of trouble with medium quiet singing
    and are used to singing high pitched, higher volume loud notes, allowing a
    bit more air helps me a lot here.

    I can even hear it in your timbre, a little cushion. Thus far this area of
    the voice has been one of the more challenging to master, but one of the
    most rewarding as the dynamics and textures that get added into the song
    are great.

  8. Matt Corey says:

    Ever sing to the baby and realize it’s pooped in its diaper, and then you
    start screaming baby you pooped on my arm!!! Dumb little baby, I was
    singing quiet but now you made me so mad, I’m screaming and blowing out my
    voice, you poopy diaper baby!!! But then the baby starts screaming because
    you scared the baby and you start doing harmony screams with poopy baby and
    you realize that poopy baby has helped you realize your full poopy scream
    potential…ever have that happen, cause that would be the shit!!!

  9. Ayan Saha says:


  10. fahimmuchi says:

    what you just did is pretty much like messa di voce,unfortunately for me
    any notes above e4 gets really hard for me,either i have to belt and crack
    or go into falsetto , how do i find that middle voice with the chest and
    head blended aka mixed voice? I wanna sing like bruno mars btw , please
    help me, i am new at singing

  11. Aidan Kemp says:

    I am sure you will be able to find some great books that will be genuinely useful to your in your singing training!

  12. Her raw talent, technical savvy, and emotional willingness are what make her a Master, and while I’m by no means arena-ready, her class reminded me why I love singing, which I’ll continue to do, even if it’s just in my bathroom, into the mic on the earbuds I bought at Duane Reade.

  13. He told me that he’d been amazed at the resources obtainable to teach yourself how you can sing.

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