Singing Lessons : Tips to Become a Better Singer

Discover all about Singing Lessons : Tips to Become a Better Singer by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons : Tips to Become a Better Singer.

In order to become a better singer, it’s important to practice a number of techniques, including posture and breathing. Discover the importance of learning different styles of music when trying to become a better singer with help from a vocal coach in this free video on singing lessons.

Expert: David Kingery
Bio: David Kingery has been a singer, actor, director, music producer and vocal coach for the past 18 years, and is currently living in Miami Beach.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons : Tips to Become a Better Singer

  1. rvshawnee says:

    omg omg omg that one tip made my singing 10000000 times better like for real. i was freaking out i could not belive that it was actually me singing.

  2. Tommy BoyFierce says:

    He is right we all know that breathing is important but.. what this expert is really tryin to inform us that alot of the problems we have when singing is usually caused because of inability to breathe correctly =) he proves a strong point that people shall understand when singing

  3. Håkon Brian Selliseth says:

    What about metal vocalists? There are some truely great ones but I feel he does not give then enough credit. Example: Roy khan, Vocalist of Kamelot. He is one of the greatest vocalists I have ever heard. But he does supply good tips and he does point out to some extent too try out different vocal styles.

  4. Obeyance DeKat says:

    Ok i stopped it at 28 seconds… The reason, hes giving instructions on how to be a better choir singer. You dont see anyone… anyone…… .ANYONE… doing that that isnt in a choir. Stand upright, perfect posture now…. Now sing with your mouth in the O not -… ok now, pretend theres a string pulling you up! … Nope… nope nope nope. Yes it allows you to sing better but… it doesnt exactly help you if your wanting to be a “pop star” or sing for a band.

  5. Obeyance DeKat says:

    @Wally773MTG Beyonce, *shrug*. Maybe 10% of the music industry have done extensive singing lessons. But i best a lot of the best singers havent. Maybe warmups, im pretty sure they do warm ups. But NONE of them sing like this. Do you see Beyonce going on stange and standing proper and singing with a tall mouth not a wide mouth? I was in Choir for 3 years in highschool and we got 1s at regional competitions. I know and understand singing. Which is why i am able to speak on this subject.

  6. Obeyance DeKat says:

    @Wally773MTG Three years of #1 in Regional (not state, Multiple states.) choir. Theres a difference between singing in a high school choir and singing in a recognized, private school, choir. The teaching level is different. I can sing Baritone to first tenor with proper singing techniques. But let me ask a pro here…
    What in this live performance by Beyonce do you see being proper in any way?

  7. Obeyance DeKat says:

    @Wally773MTG Or are you meaning by this statement “What Beyonce does singing wise is the equivalent of high school or college calculus. Learning proper posture and support is the equivalent of learning your “times tables.”” that there is more ways to sing than the proper way this guy is teaching? Cause thats what i was saying in my first post as well as have been defending, and honestly thats what i was looking for. Ways of training my voice to be better for what i want to sing.

  8. Jake Tarantino says:

    thanks that helped me now im finnally famouse i dont have very much fans but im still good im going to new yourk for a consert well thanks for helping

  9. Johnny Angel says:

    great..thanks!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST. JOHNNY

  10. Can you become good at singing at the age of 18 , even if you didn’t have any coaching before? If you can, how good can you get as in pop star good or just average good?

  11. runescapebasher123 says:

    i think he wants us to practice

  12. jordannxx says:

    He needs to put his nose down; we would not like to see your forest. :$

  13. Daniel Armstrong says:

    @babe071 go rock idol, try something different!

  14. Pamela Nguyen says:

    i can sing buht sometimes i feel like i cant and i really wanna learn !!
    I really want to have a career !

  15. Ojelade Todun says:

    if that’s the case plp like katy perry and rhianna while im not saying that they aren’t good singers i am saying they are mediocer compared to plp like whitney houston that’s what talent is but hard work can improve that for example jennifer hudson wasn’t that great when she did idol but with hard work and alot of help from neyo she was able to tame her voice for R and B and soul music which she is doing really well in. so talent cant always take you very far but practice and hard work will

  16. Pyschophobia says:

    as you’re breathing in and singing out, you’re breathing in and singing out. makes no sense o.o

  17. Hey i feel like pinokio.
    Thanks for the tips!

  18. Pablo Ezquivel says:

    Why are his words not matching his lip Movement? o.O

  19. Gearoid LP says:

    posture that’s why Jedward cant sing

  20. Jocelyn Fox says:

    ha ha… pause it at 2:05 🙂 LOLOLOLOLOL

  21. kenzie McCaslin says:

    dude, i dont want to be a snobby formal singer. i wanna be a ROCK’N’ROLL SINGERRRR

  22. Ariel Warren says:

    looks more like a monkey to me.

  23. EjThaKidd10 says:

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  24. erick rivera says:

    i need a vocal coach! plzz i really need one!

  25. i can sing high but i can’t sing low. any tips on how to sing low?

  26. Jessica LBrown says:

    This is learn to make beats ->bit.ly167YznB

  27. Kittykat katie5 says:

    thanks but they didn’t help me

  28. Aimee Thomas says:

    When he said almost like a yawn I accually yawned 😉

  29. Lu NaTi said how you sound says:

    Well I can sing very good but I want to get better people tell me my voice is beautiful but is that good enough to become famous idk

  30. Anthony S. Nix says:

    I have noticed a better control in being able to hit the right notes and better tone quality in overall singing. It helped me a lot as i was learning about Vocal technique in general. It’s great way to start.

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