Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Belt Voice

Discover all about Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Belt Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Belt Voice.

In singing lessons, the belt voice comes from the gut and produces a louder fuller sound. Practice the belt voice with tips from a professional singer in this free video on vocal technique.

Expert: Jeanette Herrera
Bio: Jeanette Herrera has been doing hair for more than 20 years, and she loves to use her hands.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons : Singing Lessons: Belt Voice

  1. Luana Oh Scienza says:

    hahaha. i was like what is she talking about?! lol =]

  2. sam smith says:

    yikes, this is going to cause someone to get hurt. totally wrong, belt is placed forward not back, and it’s nothing like yelling

  3. realisvirIV says:

    It depends on how you understand it. The most important thing is proper technique and then sensations follow. With minimal breath support you want to keep the thinnest most relaxed voice with minimal breath support that will feel like you’re keep your voice as back as possible and then let the resonance be filled up with the tone in the front. That’s about opening up space to be filled with tone. But yeah, yelling denotes tension. One can be loud with the smallest voice in the vocal folds.

  4. bilbomarks says:

    Worst tip ever? I learned nothing.

  5. what? She’s explaining too fast and not explaining properly? ” Like a YELL, but you don’t wanna hurt your throat…” WAT??

  6. @debstarcrazy How about “No Good Deed”? 😀

  7. Dylan Weberbauer says:

    “sing…and figure out what you’re doing.”

    That’s not how an educational video is supposed to work

  8. @joeycortijo19 generally when I man goes to head voice its called a falsetto..

  9. CrazyTalkin says:

    @rhdtv2002 Head voice is not falsetto. You can use falsetto in your chest register.

  10. this is so wrong.
    you can hear all the tension in her voice.
    don’t listen to this

  11. @RainofDemise It’s clearly a great indication of her voice experience.

  12. Remove the text over the moving picture.

  13. priscamolotsi says:

    @bwaystar123 yes, you’re right, I never place my belt in the back, that’s really odd, you could do some vocal damage, I swear!

  14. Wow awesome voice and great info! You remind me so much of Lara Fabian!

  15. haha “shes been doing hair for more than 20 years,and she loves to use her hands”

  16. hallogutenmorgen! says:


  17. Okebaram E says:

    @rhdtv2002 Most people, even voice teachers, don’t know what the difference between falsetto and head is. If you know how to get into your whistle register, sing in your whistle voice but in he ad voice range (lower than whistle), by the time you get that low, your whistle voice will be like “O” and no more “aah” well that’s falsetto. It’s like in front of your regular voice. The other thing that is just like a woman’s head voice is really also head voice in men. And women can have falsetto too

  18. Okebaram E says:

    PS If you don’t know how to get into your whistle voice, it will be harder to explain the difference or tell you whether you are singing in head or whistle 🙁

  19. Okebaram E says:

    @atiaraxox Yes. Look up Dileesa Hunter and check out her videos. If that’s not enough you can ask me questions 🙂

  20. Carla Montgomery says:

    @flawedperfection189 lmfao!!!!

  21. AerDragon says:

    WOW, men have head voice too. Girls have falsetto too. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Falsetto is a register in the Head voice. It’s like saying a computer has a keyboard while a mac has a mouse. They have BOTH. And so do guys and girls have both Falsetto and Head Voice.

  22. richzero0 says:

    @AerDragon LOL finally someone who has been educated properly xD.

  23. Jarren Yoro says:

    Right….. “Expert” Village. -__-

  24. ShadesOfMyEternity says:

    head voice is up high and airy, belt voice is lower in the chest and fuller with a more mouthy open throat. not forward and back, up and down, thats why its head and chest, not nose and base of neck lol.

  25. Charlatan says:

    @Invaderzim1478 LOLzz….no, she isn’t! and what the heck with all the know it alls here? smh

  26. She has no idea what she’s talking about.

    It is NOT placed in the back, you will kill your voice is you listen to her. It’s placed in the front. My head buzzes when I try placing my voice forward. I get headaches. XD

  27. Kim Maguire says:

    she is placing it forward, she just doesn’t realize. She does this naturally. most have to be told how to do this. Teaching is much more detailed than this video! She should talk about the forward aim…

  28. Bro these comments are like reviews I read before going to see a movie so I don’t waste time and money LOL (in this case my voice)

  29. Female head voice and male falsetto are NOT equivalents! Both genders have head voice and what’s falsetto for a man is whistle register for a woman!

  30. ksionc100 says:

    @bwaystar123 “belt is placed forward not back” some people sing less forward than others and there’s nothing wrong or hurtful about it (for example Mariah Carey in comparison to Whitney Houston)

  31. chrisstevensjunior says:

    what is belting? ev is not accurate much anymore

  32. Okebaram E says:

    @ksionc100 thank you and belting is more backward than singing head voice.

  33. DallasVocals says:

    Some people can switch their air position without moving their mouths from forward to mid and back again. 🙂 Head voice is higher register without singing falsetto. Nancy Wilson of Heart is all head voice. Linda Ronstadt too. 🙂

  34. Dallas James Pritt says:

    This is not a healthy technique. The sound should be produced forward, she is teaching a swallowed sound. I don’t think she fully knows what she is talking about.

  35. Kathy DWilliams says:

    learn how to sing with this free lesson
    -> bit.ly1fSoFOY

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