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38 thoughts on “Singing Lessons / Proper Air Flow / Vocal Damage & Repair / Precise Notes

  1. toocool4u !!!! says:

    is it bad that im dependent on these tips

  2. toocool4u !!!! says:

    can you give some tips for teens in high school

  3. mebookins says:

    Are these videos for Choir singing also?

  4. JackS Carreira says:

    I’m now on CD 6 (Lesson 4) of Singing Success. I find very useful pressing
    my digastric muscles to feel and remove tension (correcting my singing
    technique) during the entire lesson. Is that wrong?

  5. rawstarmusic says:

    I want good cord closure but to get it I need to do vocal-fry exercise but
    that exercise doesn’t work for me because it requires cord closure and I
    can’t do it because of lack of cord-closure. I do the B-sound and
    G-sounding thou. Thanks for the inspiring videos with tips that you upload
    for us here

  6. A lot of these videos are becoming “check out CD X” and don’t divulge
    anything tangible anymore. :/

  7. Stephen Ridley says:

    thanks for this great advice – buy your cd, buy your cd, buy your cd –

  8. I have an issue with scooping up to notes, particularly high ones, could
    anyone tell me how to alleviate that or exercises I can do to address that

  9. Eline Swarts says:

    Wel this wasn’t very helpful at all. You just told us to buy your programs
    instead of giving real tips.

  10. Andre Carasic says:

    Hi everyone ! I have been making covers and some originals which I upload
    on my channel on a regular basis. It would be great if you could check out
    my channel and let me know what you think and also like and subscribe if
    you want 🙂 If you could please also “thumbs up” this comment so more
    people can see it you might just help make my dream come true. Thank you
    all very much for your support! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. well find a scale on youtube or use a piano, drop your jaw and staccato
    attack the notes with “Ah” from low to high, short, edgy bursts, like he
    shows, that builds strenght, my problem was that I bring the larynx up and
    the short bursts even when you are high, the larynx knows how to fix
    itself, kinda. Be sure to warm up real good, its a heavy exercise depending
    on the volume. Also dont take my word for it… I know for myself and cant
    know if you would understand all that do it propperly :3

  12. HoneyBLuvly says:

    Yeah everybody doesn’t have that kind of money!

  13. How can I recover my voice? I think I have nodules :s

  14. Ramses Ingunza says:

    exercises to rapair vocal nodules please!

  15. TheBearfootKnight says:

    I definitely do that last one with the scooping. Could you make a video
    just on that?

  16. Hannah Spears says:

    So many legendary singers smoked..alot. Apparently

  17. Michael Vaughn says:

    When I took lessons with Don Lawrence, he told me about always “coming down
    on the note.” People scoop up because they’re reaching up for a note. I
    used to do the same thing. This is wrong. Always come down on it. Hear the
    note in your head, hear the openness and come down on it. Think of climbing
    a ladder…You’re climbing up, but you still have to step down on each rung
    of the ladder. Same thing with the voice. Come down on your notes. Works
    every time for me.

  18. Shahab Edalatian says:

    apart from that, there’s no shortcut to singing. you really need to buy the
    program/take lessons and start.

  19. patrick cantin says:

    you guys do realize the purpose of him telling you to buy the program is to
    help you sing right? You get a few guidelines with these videos but you get
    actual lessons with the program.. If you’re serious about this then stop
    complaining simply put

  20. Singing Success | Brett Manning Studios says:

    If you only eat breadcrumbs, you might stay alive, but you will never grow
    strong. We have over a hundred free “tips” on YouTube. If you’ve been
    improving by just watching these tips, imagine how much better you would be
    if you used the actual program. These short videos are just SMALL bits of
    information compared to the 17 FULL LESSONS in Singing Success.

  21. Singing Success | Brett Manning Studios says:

    REAL TIP: If you actually learned how to sing, you wouldn’t need these tips
    anymore 🙂 What brought you to our channel? The desire to sing better? I
    get the appeal of FREE. It doesn’t “cost” anything. But it does…COUNTLESS
    hours of hope and searching. You would rather spend YEARS watching “tips”
    than getting a program that is proven to quickly & completely transform
    your voice. You have found what you’re looking for, it’s just not free.
    Though, it does come with a 100% money back guarantee.

  22. Patrice Libris says:

    These where owasome tips, thank you, helpfull. made me consider your

  23. Eline Swarts says:

    There are quite some mistakes you are making here. First of all, you don’t
    know anything about my intentions to visit your channel so I assume you
    meant this hypothetical? Since all I did was letting you know that I did
    not find this very helpful. That’s all you know about me. Second of all, I
    don’t take any of your tips for granted and I KNOW how much work it can
    cost to learn how to sing better. I certainly appreciate the work you put
    into making these video’s. You didn’t get my point.

  24. besava srinivasan says:

    I feel like my voice is breaking while singing high pitch before I used to
    sing high pitch notes now it’s breaking in middle

  25. rawstarmusic says:

    The sliding up to pitch is common when people are not sure to get the note
    spot on cause if it comes in to sharp it’s bad. But many also think it’s a
    cool thing but it’s most often done to get around intonation problems.

  26. Peter Wickström (awesound) says:

    Thanks Brett for another great video. To get the key for a released whistle
    voice check out this video Whistle Voice Lesson with Brett Manning –
    Awesound TV

  27. redsparks13 says:

    I would call you but you’re expensive.. 

  28. I knew a kindergarten teacher that had to quit taking singing lessons with
    tears in her eyes. She really couldn’t sing, even when she tried…so
    teachers told her “Ask for free days at work, rest and contact a
    phonoaudiologist”. She damaged her voice using it in a bad way to call
    children back to the classroom and tell them to behave everyday. It’s
    important to learn how to use your voice at work, if you need to speak loud
    for a certain amount of time.

  29. bibi ross says:

    i can talk from experience don’t push your voice if you’re not training
    with an expert like Brett, otherwise in long term you will end up hurt and
    your voice damaged.. develop your comfortable voice perfectly and once it’s
    completely understood and developed start building your higher range from
    there. the foundation (chest voice) is everything.

  30. Yusein Santizo says:

    My voice gets raspy en the bridges, wich exercises are recommended to solve
    this issue??

  31. Don Carlson says:

    What you did at the end… Wasn’t that a glottal stop? I thought glottal
    stops caused vocal damage.

  32. Ayan Saha says:

    Is there any tip on muscle tension or muscle tension dysphonia due to over
    training probably using the wrong muscles with no physical damage
    (clinically checked) yet not being able to sing anymore or talk freely?
    +Singing Success

  33. Hanna Reyes says:

    Do not drink or eat foods that are harmful to your vocal cords.

  34. Singing in a group may even ensure that you’re on the same scale as the remainder of the singers.

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