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A short video on what I consider the 3 important principles of vocal technique. Aside from emotion… Every vowel will feel a little different on every pitch and intensity you use. So some vowels are easier than others low or high and depending if you are singing a lighter r&b sound or a heavy rock n roll sound. Build your voice from a place of letting it tell you where it wants to resonate and not you forcing it to stay in chest or head. As time goes on you will build the skill to sing it at which ever intensity you want. Just like any sport you need the technique then the strength comes.

21 thoughts on “Singing Lessons PITCH, VOWEL AND INTENSITY

  1. chriscauldermusic says:

    Great vid, Daniel… I should have been more conscious of staying at the
    same level when I was doing the warmups that eventually made my vocal cords
    hemorrhage. I was belting, and going higher than I was ready for. Whoops.

  2. chriscauldermusic says:

    Btw, to get more views, put “Singing lesson:” as the preface for each of
    your videos…. great vids.

  3. James Purcell says:

    This is a very informative video, I bookmarked it so I can watch it over
    and over, thanks Daniel! 

  4. daniel formica says:

    thanks james appreciate that…sorry its so fuzzy(blurry) i dont know what
    went wrong


    A lot of really great advice, Dan really knows his stuff.

  6. daniel formica says:

    thanks Bob much appreciated!

  7. daniel formica says:

    I didn’t see this until now. So I have to do something ok.. would you like
    a free lesson? Im psyched I have a hundred subscribers!!!!

  8. Marck Laurent says:

    Just keep up the good work! :D

  9. keep it up Dan:) you are a very good vocal coach I appreciate teachers who
    can show us how to sing 🙂 I’m curious where did you learn these technique
    from?? I’ve been learning singing for 6 years, but really make little

  10. daniel formica says:

    hey tim The technique is just very basic vocal function chest voice,
    falsetto and practicing at different intensities using different vowels
    when something gets tough and really understanding how the voice works.
    please contact me via skype and we could just see where you are at (no
    charge) ill just listen and help you out. Sometimes its just a matter of
    really understanding. 6 years is a good amount of time to learn. you just
    need some understanding of why you do certain exercises.

  11. Thanks it’s so kind of you to offer free evaluation! However I live in
    Taiwan(in Asia). i’m not really good at speaking english(listening is
    okay). and time differences could be a problem I’ve tried so many vocal
    programs,recently,Ken Tamplin’s program, which helps me more than other
    programs.But i am afraid of doing exercise wrong.i can’t actually hear how
    big and how light, how solid the demos really are(’cause we can turn volume
    down with computer. a good vocal coach beside is still important

  12. Gerald Tan says:

    hey daniel, great video! Could u please give me some exercises for getting
    down high notes? Kinda finding it hard to hit higher notes right now

  13. Kristopher Karp says:

    Really like this video and the explanations!

  14. Originof Janken says:

    I have found your lessons have Helped me Out Heaps Cheers Dude ~Nox 

  15. Monstresticator says:

    I can hit a lot of high notes in full voice, but for some reason I didn’t
    feel like it mixed well with my lower notes until you made me visualize
    scales on a horizontal level instead of vertical. I think when I visualized
    increasing range vertically, it caused my larynx to raise and then I would
    notice some tension and a tinnier sound with increased volume; I had to
    back off slightly or else I would start straining my voice.

    Since I started visualizing range horizontally, I feel more relaxed and I
    can sing those high notes not only more easily, but they blend so much
    better. Even my friends have noticed that my singing sounds fuller and more
    connected, so thank you for making me see things in a new and very
    productive way! Great tutorials.

  16. Camilo Fava says:

    Im stuck and ive been stuck exatly in that thing you do at 3:37 Ive had
    that heady soft false voice for years, literally years, I could neve get
    that to sound good as you do. Could you please explain the procedure to how
    you train that to sound good, I simply couldnt find it. Thanks a lor for
    your videos, been great help, but I seem to be stuck there forever till I
    can get through that.

  17. Fabian Kowalczyk says:

    Thank You Daniel for this lesson.

  18. Awesome video Daniel. In fact, with this I actually realise that I do not
    even have to support too much as I go higher.

  19. Danno as Bono Burrow says:

    Il loved the Wahhhhhh section!!! lol

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