Singing Lessons Part 1 How to sing like Chris Cornell

Discover all about Singing Lessons Part 1 How to sing like Chris Cornell by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons Part 1 How to sing like Chris Cornell.

What I would like to get across in this video is only do what you can do at your stage in development. Start smaller not so big in other words don’t try and sound like the artist right away. Get a clean map of how to sing it then add your style and rasp/distortion breathiness. This is in no way in place of a lesson. Its what I could squeeze in a video, in about 6 minutes.

42 thoughts on “Singing Lessons Part 1 How to sing like Chris Cornell

  1. BlazingGamers says:

    Wow, thank you so much sir for these lessons! It never crossed my mind that
    I should to do it clean first before i make it dirty! That made so much
    senses and helped so much.

  2. are you working out of a muay thai gym? lol

  3. Geotubest says:

    Thanks Daniel. You’re very good. 

  4. Francis Dakis says:

    You have a great voice man. Awesome job.

  5. Christophe Pepin says:

    Singing it again after watching the video made a big difference… I will
    practice what you told me thanks a lot!

  6. William H. Buttlicker says:

    Good video! Dude looks a bit like Daron Malakian from System of a Down!! XD

  7. ForViewingOnly says:

    Hey Daniel, after playing guitar for 25 years I’ve only just discovered
    Richie Kotzen. As well as being an awesome player, this guy can seriously
    sing! His voice sounds a bit like Chris Cornell. Have you heard him?

  8. eddie51500 says:

    How do you get this wonderful grit?
    Do you produce it lifting the back of your tongue against the soft palate?
    Using the false vocal folds?
    The only sure thing is that it’s not vocal fry…Am I right?
    Kudos, Daniel!

  9. Diego Velázquez says:

    still haven’t found anyone that sounds like Cornell…

  10. Hey Daniel, have you heard the stereophonics lead singer Kelly Jones? A
    unique raspy vocal style that I would love to hear a vocal teacher like
    yourself break down how he gets the sound he does like you do here with
    Chris Cornell! Thanks, Dave.

  11. Loko image Producción says:

    Awesome transition friend, (clean to distort) great voice and lesson :D

  12. Consolous says:

    You sing really good, I want to sing like Chris Cornell, do you think I
    need to learn the basics or go directly with this? I’ve already begun
    training the diaphragm breathing.

  13. Peter Hartley says:

    Thanks for the video- I have one question. I can get the high notes ok
    clean, but I can’t find the distortion sound even on a lower note. When I
    put more exertion in to it it sounds forced and harsh but not ‘growly’ per
    se. Would I tense my cords or close the throat slightly to get that? But
    thanks for the video!


    cool talk like how you break it down and its all true what you have to say
    man Don Harrison music

  15. Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes says:

    Jajajajajaja….suenas mas a Celin Dion…o como se llame…jajajaja

  16. Is ur method different than the TVS Robert Lunte method? I like ur voice
    much betr but he has a lot of info n his book.

  17. daniel formica says:

    yes it is different. i would write a book but everyone is different and
    needs to be taught a little diffently

  18. Luis halfeld da silva says:

    You nailed the song! By the way, I do have a technical question, cuz I do
    have some difficulties when I try to do this one: in the high pitches
    (chorus “in your house I long to be etc”) you did switch (in this video) to
    your head voice? cuz when I do, my voice loses a bit of stamina, whereas
    the same don’t happen in another songs, like Show me How to Live, also by
    Audioslave. I think that happens because that notes are not too high for me
    – they are in my passagio notes.

  19. 1:29 chris cornell is in the other room i think


  21. godsmacker says:

    Thars NOOO bussniss like SHOW bizzness like NO bizzness I KNOW.GODDAMMIT.I
    can’t get that (break a plate glass window) pitch

  22. needsmoreclipping says:

    You sound more like Michael Sweet.

  23. stephencarlsbad says:

    You’ve got an awesome voice bro! How do you get your voice so “connected”
    like that?

  24. Brian Sec says:

    +daniel formica is awesome I trust him 🙂

    You rock bro :)

  25. Kevin Maund says:

    If you could, I’d really love to see a how to sing like Scott Weiland
    video. His vocal styles interest me, the way he could belt husky and deep
    but also sing very soft and high, almost like a whisper. Thanks man!

  26. Joshua Westlake says:

    Can’t recommend Daniel enough as a vocal coach, he helped me improve
    tenfold. He’ll get you where you want to go, great guy too.

  27. Blues Sativo says:

    whats the song of the start?

  28. BubbaZen10 says:

    Lesson number 1. Be born Chris Cornell.

    This concludes our lessons on how to sing like Chris Cornell.

  29. Cesar Marçal says:

    First of all, thank u for the lesson. You said that’s correct to do the
    simple phreses first, and later when u be alblw to do, you make the
    noise… The weird thing, happens to me, when i try to make the high notes,
    it’s mo wasy to me when i make with noise..and when i try to do with clean
    voice…i can’t…what i do? (sorry for my bad english and thank you

  30. You’ll discover your greatest voice with this no-nonsense information to the basics of singing.

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