Singing Lessons – Lesson 4 (Vocal Registers)

Discover all about Singing Lessons – Lesson 4 (Vocal Registers) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons – Lesson 4 (Vocal Registers).

In this lesson, we’re going to be exercising the 3 different registers of your voice; your chest register — which is your lowest register, your middle register or ‘mix voice’ and your head register — which you use when singing higher notes.

This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

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Here we go…

Lesson 4 Content (Link to audio exercises below):
4.0 – Introduction
4.1 – Sound Production
4.2 – Chest Register
4.3 – Exercise #1 – Count Dracula
4.4 – Exercise #2 – Gah Gah
4.5 – Middle Register
4.6 – Exercise #1 – NG Pharyngeal Isolator
4.7 – Exercise #2 – Ngang
4.8 – Head Register
4.9 – Exercise #1 – Ghee
4.10 – Exercise #2 – Ree-Awe
4.11 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 4 here:


34 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 4 (Vocal Registers)

  1. smertgopam says:

    “Work with your body, not against it” I love that!
    Thank you very much for these helpful and inspiring videos :)

  2. muplayerx says:

    You’re amazing! Thanks for these lessons!

  3. Thallanar Rabidtooth says:

    I have a tenor and I can produce very rich sounding chest register notes,
    without having to try. It’s the higher notes I struggle with.

  4. Manjula Tamara says:

    i love this video 🙂 keep making more!

  5. alvinya2678 says:

    When I was young , I Sing High notes and my voice Does not Get tired . But
    now , I Have A Question .. Can All of this Exercise works If I do It ? What
    is the estimated time If I do all of this everyday ? Can It lasts up to 1
    hour ? :)

  6. Ernestas Černis says:

    I have a question about falsetto. Is it the same thing as head voice?
    Falsetto (male) and head voice (female)?

  7. Zed Pitts says:

    This is not bad…not bad at all.

  8. Toàn Lâm says:

    hi GOOD VOCAL TEACHER! could you make engsub when you are talking, i can’t
    understand clearly. Thanks for your videos

  9. Daniela Popescu says:

    It’s like you have swallowed a piano ..

  10. SundayGirl1977 says:

    You are adorable and funny! I have been watching the videos when I get home
    at night from work but, have as of yet to try practice along with them.
    However, I will be running back through the videos and materials and giving
    it a go for real hopefully soon. Thank you for explaining the mechanics as
    you go along. That for me is very helpful, I also appreciate that you took
    the time to provide written materials and downloadable practice files. I’m
    actually looking forward to some Mommy, Daughter, time with my teenager
    who’s been taking choir at school. This will be fun for the both of us. 

  11. NIRDOSH SOBTI says:

    i have a problem here, the “NANG” exercise which you have suggested is so
    funny that i practically start laughing the moment i start doing it! 😉
    and when i see you doing that so comfortably i feel laugh at you more!!
    jokes apart, i am in love with you!! you are so adorable teacher i must
    say, i love you sooooo much!!
    thanks for such valuable lessons! i will practice them regularly i promise!


  12. Katinka Lagerstedt says:

    This program is so great! I am learning so much, and actually understanding
    what i’m doing wrong ! Excellent 😉 And Rae.. you sing amazing by the way

  13. I feel vibrations in my chest when I do the exercises, but not in my jaw
    and hard palate. Am I doing it right?

  14. vcamnowguy says:

    Doing the ree ohs I felt something in my throat at the toppest point. I was
    sing the notes effortlessly I think. Now I feel like I have somethibg in my

  15. behnam ahmadi says:

    hi rae.
    thank u for ur amazing program.
    i have a funy question. when u say low voices u ment mens? cas when i
    practice the lessons about registers i thing i have a intence feeling in my

  16. Emily Norwood says:

    Thank you so much, Ms. Rae! I really want to audition this program, but I
    really have very little experience with proper singing (the closest I ever
    got before was high school chorus)! This program is proving VERY helpful
    to me. I only have about a month to prepare!

  17. haha. They have Romper Room in Australia? Hilarious. By the way- this
    program is way cool and explains things so much better and more basically
    than so many other “experts”. Nice job.

  18. drew& amanda (amandainwonderland) says:

    You look so cute Rae!I love this outfit! I have a homegrown little fashion
    company, well atleast i make things and hope people will buy them. Its
    called Amanda In Wonderland Creative Design and Id be honored if you or any
    of your fans would check it out and like my fb page. you can do that here: Thanks so much! These
    lessons are so helpful!

  19. Marcos Rissi says:

    The way you teach is absolutely great. Very step by step, etc..

  20. Tah Diyens says:

    Thanks for this lesson. you look so much more fabulous in that outfit. i
    really like your lessons.

  21. hamper diaper says:

    pls do some progrm about belting

  22. Stacy Homer says:

    I’m having a hard time using my head voice. I did Ghee, but it ended up
    still being in my middle register.

  23. Jennifer Morris says:

    Enjoyed the education. Thanks a million.

  24. in this one video, the first exercise just changed my voice projection for
    ever. I don’t know how to thank you my voice just opened up beautifully
    thank you so so much big hug and kiss. you are my voice guru :)

  25. chris ferland says:

    Did you take down the high voice exercises for lessons 3 through 6? I went
    on sound cloud and couldn’t find them anymore

  26. You teach great, ma’am. Appreciate it! :)

  27. I wish I’d known about you last year when I still lived in Nashville (Goodlettsville actually), I would have enjoyed the opportunity to take some lessons.

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