Singing Lessons – Lesson 11 (Vocal Agility)

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Welcome to Lesson 11 — Vocal Agility.

Vocal agility is the ability to sing a group or succession of notes rapidly.

This skill requires that you combine many different areas of your vocal technique such as breath control, clarity of tone, LOADS of energy — particularly on descending phrases – and complete freedom from tension – not just in your vocal region but throughout your entire body.

As you sing through the following exercises, please don’t be concerned if the delineation or articulation of each individual note isn’t clear.

These exercises will strengthen the muscles used to create awesome, sharply articulated runs. All you need to do is practice consistently!

This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

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…Well….on with your running shoes, then!!

Lesson 11 Content:

11.0 – Introduction
11.1 – Exercise #1 – Fast Count
11.2 – Exercise #2 – Mee
11.3 – Exercise #3 – Triplets
11.4 – Exercise #4 – Fast Scale
11.5 – Intro to Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.6 – Tutorial on Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.7 – Exercise #5 – Crazy Scale
11.8 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 11 here: Link Coming Soon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 11 (Vocal Agility)

  1. Jesusalejo Vega says:

    you´re Great!!!! Thanx so much!! 🙂 Bless you!

  2. David Salazar says:

    You are amazing.
    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  3. Francene Gabriel says:

    GREAT VIDEO! What I’ve Been Looking For All Over Youtube! Thnx

  4. M. Danielle says:

    Rae Henry, le top du top ! Thank you so much, you are the best.

  5. monkeyfriend says:

    Its crazy how some people have great agility, and clear delineation without
    even ever having a coach. They just figured it out.

  6. john devlin says:

    Awesome instruction Rae! I’m in a band and have been looking for exercises
    to help me improve and I’ve been searching for a long time for someone to
    offer thorough, easy to translate, professional instruction and you have it
    all here. Thank you so much for the great information you share here !

  7. Rosannasfriend says:

    This, and lessons 6,8, 9, and10 have been most helpful to me.

  8. Barrie Cusens says:

    I am a complete beginner when it comes to singing. But I am enjoying this
    course immensely. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us.

  9. ‫קובי עובד‬‎ says:

    Dear Fabilous Rae!
    U R the best!
    i’m marching with u all the way in this colourfull music jurney of yours..
    Thanks for all your dedicated and heartful lessons,(they are my favourte
    excersises, thanks to you 🙂
    Sending u a big hug ,and deep apreciaction from the other side of
    Ausieland…from far israel. Kobi

  10. Jasmine Bargas says:

    Every time i don’t do this and I try to sing a high note I can’t do it like
    my voice just stops i dont know why but when I do this I could do it like
    nothing so I’m guessing this is making a difference in my voice which is a
    good thing.

  11. Giuseppe Passoni says:

    You are so good and so fun. Thanks, really!! ^_^

  12. cadencorin1 says:

    Great!…Great!…vocal lesson!! I’m going to go back and start from the
    first lesson.. Thx

  13. Vewi Rodensjö says:

    Thank you! These were really nice exercises and I enjoy ur energy! 😀
    I’m totally gunna add this for my daily routine, and if others feels like
    doing it too, here are the shorcuts;


  14. But after that month I started to sing in my chest voice, it became stronger and deeper.

  15. If the class will catalyze or galvanize your relationship to your own singing voice, it’s money well spent.

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