Singing Lessons – Lesson 10 (Vocal Projection)

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Welcome to Lesson 10 – Vocal Projection!

During this lesson, we’re going to be revisiting some of the techniques we’ve covered so far such as breath flow and control, clarity of tone and resonance.

These are the most important elements that contribute to vocal power and projection.

Without good breath control, there is no clarity of tone. Without clarity of tone, there is a lack of resonance and without resonance, vocal projection, power or volume is greatly diminished.

So, we’re going to take a deeper look into dynamics — louds and softs — and how we can better use our breath control or breath pressure, to increase the amount of resonance we achieve when we’re singing.

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So. Loud ‘n’ proud, Diva’s!

Lesson 10 Content:

10.0 – Introduction
10.1 – Onset Of Tone
10.2 – Breath Pressure
10.3 – Exercise #1 – Staccato Crescendo
10.4 – Exercise #2 – Legato Crescendo
10.5 – Intro to Exercise #3 – Soaring Crescendo
10.6 – Exercise #3 – Soaring Crescendo
10.7 – Exercise #4 – Softly Singing
10.8 – Intro To Exercise #5 – ABC’s
10.9 – Exercise #5 – ABC’s
10.10 – Conclusion

Download the accompanying exercises for HIGH VOICE here:

Download the accompanying exercises for LOW VOICE here:

Download the sheet music to Lesson 10 here: Link Coming Soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 10 (Vocal Projection)

  1. David Lee says:

    This content is pure gold. Wow. Thank you so much!

  2. Aly Talaea says:

    Amazing ! Just an amazing amount of information answering a lot of
    questions ! May I ask you how much time daily would you recommend to go
    through all this ? All the 10 lessons ?

  3. Foreign Queen says:

    Thank u…your videos are helping me with my voice ur techniques are
    good…and ur lessons are easy to use 3

  4. M. Danielle says:

    After mastering lesson 10.3, I’ll be able to sing the Cold Song by Purcell
    ! lol ! Your teaching is so helpful, so cleverly explained, not forgetting
    your sense of humour !

  5. david bob says:

    Hi Rae
    well I am up to lesson 11 with ongoing practicing with your amazing fun
    singing lessons on a daily basis as you recommend, I am stuck with the
    concept of breath pressure air over blowing I didn’t grasp the solution
    for this problem and as I can understand this can contribute to one of the
    biggest problems in performing and vocal fatigue, please help to direct me
    to the exerciser that can help me avoid this problem and how I can-do it
    correctly, god bless you, and at the same note ( sorry I can’t make the
    beautiful sound like you 🙂 ) I would love to share with you my progress as
    you are my teacher and coach! The end of the day I am lucky to be joining
    your lessons on a daily basis from day one, any lesson over the phone

  6. Steve Smith says:

    Thanks for such a great lesson. We’re waiting for its sheet music :)

  7. 书书 shushu says:

    Thank you so much for making these lessons available for us on Youtube! <3
    They've really helped me so much.

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