Singing Lessons – Lesson 1 (Posture)

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Welcome to Lesson 1 — Posture 🙂

Correct posture is paramount when it comes to good singing. It allows the voice and body to function freely and at optimum, without tension.

To get the most OUT of this lesson, it’s great if you can do it in front of a mirror. If you don’t have access to a mirror in the place that you’re studying this lesson, you can turn your webcam on or take a portable device into whichever room has a mirror for you to look into.

This Lesson is from The Singing Solutions Program, written and produced by Rae Henry.

This program contains over 250 HD video tutorials covering every aspect of singing and performance – and it’s all available for FREE here on YT!

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Here we go…

Lesson 1 Content:
1.0 – Introduction
1.1 – Head & Chin Position
1.2 – Shoulders
1.3 – Chest & Abdomen
1.4 – Legs & Feet
1.5 – ‘Quick Fix’ Exercise
1.6 – ‘Code Word’ Exercise
1.7 – ‘Bend & Stretch’ Exercise
1.8 – Conclusion

Download the posture charts here:


22 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Lesson 1 (Posture)

  1. I Am Your Sandwich says:

    Its almost impossible for me to be relaxed and feel light!
    now i realized i have a hollow back… this is embarrassing…

  2. Liam Dougan says:

    I can’t believe how easy you make it! Thanks so so much!x

  3. Anik Gypsy says:

    I never did yoga for singing before lol 😜 Love it 👌

  4. lourdes aguilar says:

    one of my singing teachers before starting the class she made do yoga
    Exactly the same exercise and it works

  5. Kurt Snyder says:

    great points here , i’m gonna make it !

  6. maaswater15 says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos.

  7. Mimi Pouso says:

    Rae is the most beautiful teacher in the world! 

  8. does this program work for tone deaf people?

  9. Mark Thomas says:

    Rae, thank you so much for sharing these lessons, you’re a godsend. I’ve
    just started watching but I have a great feeling about these lessons. Not
    being able to afford lessons from a professional source and having a
    disability I’m hoping theses lessons can take me out of my bedroom, boost
    my confidence and give me a stable technique that I can always count on.
    I’ve always dreamed of being a singer but my lack in confidence and income
    has always held me back. Hopefully these lessons will change all of that.
    Thank you Rae for posting these lessons, selflessly for free. I’m sure
    you’ve changed lives, hopefully I’m one of them.

  10. Lourdes Rodriguez says:

    Excellent! Thank you so much!

  11. Hazel Bird02 says:

    My teacher told my teacher that the lady in this video is British so we
    know if it’s the right video but she’s Australian. 😄😄😄

  12. hamper diaper says:

    does cardio exercise also help?

  13. Max Xiong says:

    I have a bit of back problem so i can’t stand against the wall without
    causing tension. Is there a way to fix this?

  14. Jaclyn Leigh Mezzo Soprano says:

    Yes! Someone who teaches the same way as I do. I love your videos. Thank
    you for offering healthy information!

  15. I started watching Rae to help me with musical theatre and I’ve improved a

  16. Margaret Wolf says:

    If you are a singing enthusiast or someone who’s new to serious singing, you might want to check out the following singing ideas.

  17. There is nothing extra settling for a baby than a mother or a fathers calm voice, and singing has a natural soothing effect for infants and youngsters.

  18. Faith Bonilla says:

    Weekly singing lessons ensure that you can produce a well-placed, consistent sound throughout the vocal range without a noticeable break between registers.

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