Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One

Discover all about Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One.

Part one of a three video series on singing notes at and above the break for male voices. Singing lessons in this video focus on accessing the upper register of the male voice and being aware of the sensations of singing there. Singing lessons Two and Three go into further detail and have more exercises to refine one’s technique and smooth the transition from chest to head voice.

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32 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One

  1. dansk björn says:

    Great video… I seem to pull chest allready at around C#4,, but probably
    not strange as I am a bas-bariton in nature… 

  2. Love your videos! Really are helpful. Thank you so much. 

  3. Kolin Kain says:

    Beeeautiful!!! Im late in finding out about you but since then your warm
    ups are amazing. Ive been discovered I can hit notes in the whistle
    register(mariah carey fan lol). What would you suggest for a warm ups/daily
    exercise routine for a male? Thank you so much for entertaining this
    question, Love the videos, God Continue to Bless.


  4. sasukestk says:

    Hey! 🙂 Thanks for all the singing tips. I just got a question: I’ve been
    trying to figure out whether I’m a tenor di grazia or a baritone. My voice
    can go to around a Bb2, but I can sing all the way up to E5 in what I
    believe is a mixed voice or somewhat strong falsetto. I found it noticeably
    harder to sing within the ranges of about G4-A4, while notes like Bb4 to
    about C5 are much easier. Also, I seem to sing with alot of strain; I can
    see my neck straining at low notes: like around G3 to A3. Do you have any
    exercises that you can recommend to try to alleviate this problems? Thanks,
    your videos are great!

  5. Pilates Academy says:

    Great videos, Mr. Rolka. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for

    I have a question for you, though.

    I haven’t been training my voice for a while, so I’ve found that it doesn’t
    sound as clear as it used to be (obviously). Now it does sound a little
    wispy when attempting the siren sound and some of the high notes (G4-A4).
    Is there something in particular that I could do to correct this, or is it
    just a matter of practising until the voice gets back in shape?

    Thank you so much!

  6. All your videos are super helpful, thank you!

  7. Sepoy Sepsypoy says:

    These videos are very helpful for me to improve my voice! But I have a hard
    time doing things like falsetto or head voice. I can falsetto but not all
    the time and sometimes it is not clear. How can I achieve a clear falsetto
    or head voice? Are there any warm ups for these things?

  8. Ali Hassan says:

    Thank you so much for making these videos, Jeff. I’m an aspiring singer
    from Karachi, Pakistan, and greatly interested in further exploring and
    strengthening my voice. I have been told I am a tenor but can hardly go
    above F4 these days with a very raspy vocal quality. Is there a particular
    order in which I should study your videos? Can I send you a recording for
    analysis? Any and all help is much appreciated!

  9. Aditya Shiv says:

    Hey I’m back with a doubt
    When I do the “NO-NO or We-we ” exercise .. in the lower notes I can feel
    myself struggling coz I dunno whether I should sing in head or chest ..
    thats my break point … plus I paused the video around 8:00 coz I didn’t
    want to go furthur .. I first wanna master these then I should go ahead (
    Am I right to think this way? ) And how often should I practise this? ( i
    mean I’m ready to do it everyday but I dont wanna loose my chest voice or
    ignore it , coz the keys played in “no-no ” , I can sing in my chest voice
    ) .. yeah I’m confused :p

  10. toh Bristol says:

    Thank you very much; I do appreciate your generosity in sharing this. 

  11. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    I gotta say Jeff – your videos are some of the few I can actually watch
    without yelling at the computer screen. TOO MANY coaches on YT haven’t a
    clue how to demonstrate nor explain the techniques/approaches in their
    videos. I also like that you give examples of how it should NOT sound. So
    many coaches overlook this kind of example. I like your marriage of science
    with common language.

  12. Tony Stark says:

    Hi Jeff this was great and I’m following you’re videos from few days now !
    My only problem is my high notes break when I’m in continuous flow like
    when trying to do riffs and runs in a song. Is that only because of less
    practise or something else? 

  13. thanks for taking the time to make and post this video and lesson! I’ve
    been singing for 10 years(not professionally) and going through has really
    helped me in some trouble areas. Thanks again!!

  14. Robert Rudholm says:

    What excercises would you recommend doing on a daily basis to strenghten
    the voice?
    Im tenor

    Cheers from Sweden

  15. chrisbergy63 says:

    Great exercise mate….thanks!

  16. Eduardo Alarcon says:

    Great lessons!. Are there some meals or drinks that could affect the human
    voice for singing. I mean is there something we should avoid to eat or
    drink? Thanks!

  17. Micky Gallina says:

    Thanks Jeff love your skills helps me a lot .

  18. Ethan Swift says:

    awesome your lessons are awesome!

  19. rakamadafaka900 says:

    Good video but honestly i dont understand anything from 10:20,i dont get it
    passagio and all that,maybe im stupidbut i really dont get it,i think no
    matter what i do i mostly sing with my chest voice..

  20. fabulousOwl says:

    Super video! Thanks for sharing your talent and singing tips!

  21. geraldryan niu says:

    can you do videos for choir version? Thanks you for all ur videos jeff

  22. haiducable says:

    I think you meant cricothyroid?

  23. Yousuf Wilson says:

    Can you make a video starting slow gradually getting faster. Thanks for all
    your work!

  24. For the frost exercise is it falsetto or just head? Thanks

  25. Thiago Barbosa says:

    Thanks Jeff greats video!
    watching your videos from Brazil!

  26. Tijana Milic says:

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  27. Gary Marsh says:

    Jeff Roldka are you a high melody type or a low melody type of tenor?

  28. If you don’t play an instrument it’ll enable you to really feel comfortable and assured singing in a musical context, such as with a backing monitor, a real band, or performing on stage.

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