Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons

Discover all about Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons.

An essential part of giving voice lessons is understanding the anatomy of the body and how the muscles work to produce singing. Learn about the importance of experience and education in being able to give voice lessons with help from a vocal coach in this free video on singing lessons.

Expert: David Kingery
Bio: David Kingery has been a singer, actor, director, music producer and vocal coach for the past 18 years, and is currently living in Miami Beach.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

9 thoughts on “Singing Lessons : How to Give Voice Lessons

  1. Chris Sparks says:

    You mention breathing in through the mouth and nose at the same time. Not
    able to do that.

  2. @mradaChris I didn’t realise I could do that until now. I can’t sing
    though, lol.

  3. i hurt my voice i was screaming and i felt something rip in my throat and
    since then im having trouble singing and even talking what can i do to fix
    this. i miss singing!! =/

  4. adrianreborn says:

    @3arvizu well it’s mandatory that you go to your local Doctor, so I’m gonna
    tell you what i do when i feel i fucked up my voice.when i scream sing to
    the point where it hurts and i have a hot tingling in my throat i stop
    singing and screaming altogether for about two weeks and in those two weeks
    i drink tea (you could drink whatever kind you want whether it be
    hot,iced,sweet, or lemon) as a secondary drink next to water,this helps
    heal my throat i also don’t talk so that i don’t make it worse

  5. thank you for uploading these videos

  6. Pollyanna Johnson says:

    Uploaded on my birthday and I love singing!

  7. I’ve been singing since childhood, but due to some unfavourable experiences, I began to lack confidence in my singing means and fear of performing started to creep in. Through the detailed vocal workout routines and with the ability to hear my own voice, together with the Mini Recording Studio, I’ve been in a position to make the necessary adjustments in my voice, improve my vary, nice tune my pitch, and get back the confidence I wanted.

  8. My singing teacher and recording engineer were both excellent and put me at ease, and made even my singing sound almost listenable too!

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