Singing Lessons: How to Find Range and Tone

Discover all about Singing Lessons: How to Find Range and Tone by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons: How to Find Range and Tone.

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Los Angeles Vocal Empowerment Coach Shares information about how to find the best part of your voice and get more familiar with your voice so you can choose a song that suits you.

Finding your range (with vocal training this can expand)
Finding your register breaks
Finding your tone and placement
How to choose the right song
Vocal Registers are different from your resonating cavities

Doing these exercises will teach you how to sing well!

21 thoughts on “Singing Lessons: How to Find Range and Tone

  1. I have been looking for days now on something that could help me find my
    tone and so far your video has been the most insightful so thank you.

  2. Thank you and so glad to be of service. Be sure to watch all three videos
    in this series so you don’t fall into any of the common traps of most
    singers, and let me know how it goes! 😉

  3. thank you very much for this video. it helps beginner singers alot. it’s
    easy to understand and nobody has told me this on the whole youtube. there
    are alot of singers that are not pro that must see these kinda videos and
    the best part is that they can learn this for free by watching these
    videos. thank you very much. it helped alot to me. good luck with sharing
    your knowledge. you’re very good at it so please don’t stop

  4. XD I love how you describe your registers in colours. I’m a synaesthete
    too, but mine have completely different colours.

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