Singing Lessons – Gifted vs Non-Gifted Singers

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Singing Lessons – Gifted vs Non-Gifted Singers
Date: 10.06.10
Coach: Jesse Nemitz of Brett Manning Studios

Jesse discusses the different approaches gifted and non-gifted singers have when singing.

Approximate Length: 21 minutes 40 seconds

43 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Gifted vs Non-Gifted Singers

  1. heyyyyy1111 says:

    Didn’t get through this video, this guy came off like an arrogant miserable
    ahole lol. You guy’s suck that’s why you’re using this program. Really
    dude? Kiss my/our . . .

  2. mscraftyperson says:

    Im one of those 11 year olds you are talking about :D!

  3. DuckieBee says:

    People tell me I’m an extremely gifted singer and I can hit a lot of high
    notes and some low notes but I have stage fright. I’m working on my stage
    fright because I can sing in front of some people but I can’t sing with a
    microphone onstage. Can someone help me?

  4. David Adams (NewWorldOtter) says:

    I had a naturally good singing voice when I was young, I could sing along
    with U2 perfectly. I lost that good singing when puberty hit, but I’m
    getting it back towards the end of high school. I’m singing while playing
    guitar, which makes it easier. I’m also getting better at singing in
    public, as apposed to not even being able to talk clearly on stage.

  5. radioshackpopcorn says:

    r u the guy from the show catfish?????????????????????????????

  6. KgTutorials says:

    I never thought of myself as a “gifted singer” but to hear that people
    struggle with this simple concept is mind blowing tbh. Just singing the
    warm up at 1 try just by listening is something i thought was pretty basic
    for anyone . . it’s pretty shocking then at how people suck then not to be
    rude lmao. Now i understand why people suck so bad in examples like
    Britains Got Talent, X Factor etc . . lol

  7. Days of Dissension says:

    So, I tried to sing on my new song. I haven’t recorded singing before and
    also haven’t been practicing for a while. What do you think?

    This video gave me some good ideas on how to improve my singing. Please
    could you listen to the song and give me some pointers.

    Immemorial Worlds

  8. Niazkilam 98 says:

    I had a great singing voice up until the age of 12 lol

  9. Golden Throne says:

    Everyone can be a vocal teacher nowadays, don’t take what this guy says
    seriously, he’s a joke.

  10. ThatSopranoPrincess says:

    I’ve never had singing lessons but IDK how my voice improves ALL the time.
    I have a friend who’s a really talented singer (he’s a bass,I’m a Soprano)
    and he’s never had singing lessons! We call gifted singers who don’t take
    singing lessons natural born singers!

  11. John Rogers says:

    I don’t have voice for shit, I don’t have ears for shit. But I’m doing this
    to improve my voice so that my speeches sound stronger.

  12. Chance Collins says:

    this video is a joke bro, joke. this sucks!

  13. SparkleFountain says:

    I don’t think I’m gifted l0l

  14. hambali ali says:

    Can u
    You check how i can improve my vocal voice in the song that i made??

    Check out my channel

  15. Maria Merry3 says:

    Those are not the same things – hahahahahah :))))))

  16. Joakim Hansen says:

    Can you pls check out my video of me singing a little, and tell me if i
    suck or if im ok or good at singing. Be honest pls. <3

  17. smally432 says:

    His top teeth seem unsymmetrical 

  18. Andresmoomoo says:

    I’ve watched this once two months ago and it seemed like nonsense -it was
    difficultly even grasping the concepts he’s talking about, it seemed like
    rubbish to me.
    Two months later and this video really seems to address a continuing issue
    I have – namely how the hell do u add stability to your voice without
    sounding like a bad impersonation of a popular singer?

    Fuckin shame it gets cut off before he offers any real advice.

  19. Benjamin Montgomery says:

    Lol “mum mum mum BA BA BA ba ba ba”

  20. gifted people according to you are people with good relative pitch

  21. why does he say mumumumum and babababba alot

  22. Micblachajacdi B'kner says:


  23. Micblachajacdi B'kner says:

    not your best marketing tool. Glad i didnt see this one 1st!! Or it would
    have been the last one i would have watched

  24. HelloZooty says:

    Kinda black and white, IMO:

    Gifted = someone who has pitch correct and most technique resolved
    themselves. E.G. Celine, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston. Sounds amazing to
    most people, including musicians.

    Good: someone who has pitch correct and technique issues: Aguilera,
    Charice, Sounds amazing to most people aside from true musicians.

    Average: Has Okay pitch, lots of technique issues: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry
    Sounds Okay to most people and possibly horrible to most musicians.

    Just Stop: Not really a damn clue. That girl in the shower that just cannot
    hear. Your best friend that wants to go on The Voice but needs a map to
    find the key. Sounds horrid to most people.

  25. Michelle Rosa says:

    It does not matter if people know how to imitate the music. It is harder to
    be yourself. It is easy to copy but if you don”t know how to read music
    then it does not really matter .

  26. Shantanu Chakraborty says:

    singing voice and melodious voice is a god gifted things but versatility
    can be develop by hard work and experience….if u r reallly gifted u will
    always ahead from other singers but if u r not u cannot go ahead to others
    singers god’s grace is necessery obviously hard working also necessery to
    developing ur versatility

  27. Levi Baker says:

    This guy’s a fucking douche.

  28. Thomas Kennebeck says:

    This guy isn’t describing gifted vs non-gifted singers. He’s describing
    people who can sing and people who cannot sing. Being able to imitate pitch
    isn’t a sign that someone is an excellent singer. It’s a skill you’re
    expected to have.

  29. madeline caldera says:

    I was wondering if anyone can help me I’ve been a guitarist for two years
    and i wanted to learn how to sing i can stay in key but it seems really
    flat emotion less and i sing really quiet 

  30. wtf hahah this is a mess, why would you post a video saying “you guys who
    sign up for a site like this aren’t gifted”? Lol most people can imitate
    just fine. Many people who have a gift need to sharpen their craft to make
    it perfect. Just like some people are gifted at drawing, but they still
    need to practice and possibly go to art school to truly get a hold of that
    talent. I doubt people would sign up to a site just because they can’t tell
    one note from another. They do it because they seriously wanna learn how to
    utilize different techniques and ways of singing. And even if they can’t
    imitate very well, that’s something that can be fixed. Usually it’s a mix
    of a lacking self confidence as well as only having a vague grasp of how
    their voice is connected to the sounds they can produce. I’m surprised this
    has been up since 2010, I truly can’t understand why

  31. jenee blatzer says:

    I’m in a band, people have told me I don’t have that voice for singing. I
    want to be able to learn how to sing, i desire it a great deal, although
    money is an issue, so I guess I’ll watch youtude videos

  32. Johnny Cuff says:

    singing is genetic. face the facts you either can or you cant. not being
    mean but you either good or not and no amout of practice will make u mariah
    or whitney you either are or arent

  33. Alexandra C says:

    wait why was this video so short?? I WANNA KNOW MORE lol

  34. May maiken says:

    I seriously feel like i’m watching Nickelodeon when I watch these videos. I
    don’t know why 😂

  35. Daniel Zavala says:

    “… That dont have that natural flow, you guys know who you are cause
    thats probably why you signed up for a site like this..” Savage haha

  36. Learning to sing stretches individuals, and can naturally and easily transfer you out of your consolation zone and every day routine, which is superb for all of us. Challenges, after we overcome them, and doing various things which stretch us, make us really feel excellent.

  37. Eli Henry says:

    You can be taught loads through weekly singing lessons, however you should continually use the strategies and strategies to ensure that your muscular memory to kick in.

  38. Muscle reminiscence is the ability singing is based on. Singing is an extension of speech and in an effort to become a very good singer one should be capable of breathe correctly, sing on pitch and sing with resonance or power.

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