Singing Lessons – Every Singer Must Know This…

Discover all about Singing Lessons – Every Singer Must Know This… by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons – Every Singer Must Know This….

If you are confused about what singing is really about, then this video is for you, at the end of it you will know what most singers don’t or just forget. Singing is not all about vocal technique its more about…watch this video and find out 😉

29 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Every Singer Must Know This…

  1. Thanks a lot Dylan,thats a great lesson, People tend to focus too much on
    mechanical side, they just loose the soul of the song, and the very purpose
    of why they are singing. Ofcourse pitching is important but emotions make
    it a soulful song and listeners feel connected. Thanks Again.

  2. David Viralesa says:

    hey dylan, do you have a tip on how to keep the throat open non stop while
    singing without it “escaping” suddenly in that strong or high note? or just
    in general

  3. Petr “PJcovers” Ježek says:

    Hey Dylan, you´re awesome. I found your teaching videos and with this one I
    laughed like hell. LET IT GO!

  4. Jeff Runnels says:

    Hi Dylan,

    Love your videos and in a few days I’ve already learned a lot! I’m an actor
    currently taking singing lessons. This video lesson really helped me to
    think about singing like I do about acting – learn the technique then let
    it go and think about the words and what they mean (in the context).

    Thank you!

    PS and BTW: I would happily pay to subscribe. Your videos are both very
    informative and very entertaining.

  5. original swish says:

    This is my favorite video 🙂 When you sing I really feel like I’m in good
    hands, really builds trust, but reagardless you give good vibes man. You
    took the words right out of my mouth in this video. 👍

  6. Stephanie Johnson says:

    Hi Dylan , I’m a singer, i used to perform in musicals in the WEst End . I
    now run my own theatre school and i’m finding my singing lessons are
    getting very popular . I just want to say thank you for inspiring me
    through your vids . I love how you teach in a very practical and down to
    earth way . I’ve always used the lip trill, but none of my singing teachers
    in the past explained , Why ! so i just did it, now and then . Also if my
    students couldn’t do it , i would skip that exercise , I didn’t realise how
    powerful it was ! I’m now making sure all my students can do it and their
    voices are improving before my eyes and ears ! Also my own voice has
    stretched a few notes !!! Who’d have thought the humble lip trill could be
    soo helpful ! thank you again xx

  7. HortusMedia says:

    Dylan, you are so lovely, I so want to date you! ;)

  8. nurjahan sumona says:

    You are amazing!
    thank you so much Dylan :)

  9. AMINE MOHAMED says:

    hi, dylan i find you very sexy..r u gay ..?

  10. Lilymay Barnett says:

    Thanks for this i loved the video

  11. AlternateRulez says:

    Great Dylan!
    Greetings from Poland!

  12. Sekhmet1Songstress says:

    Dude, I just recommended you to one our Profs here at the Uni, sent him a
    link, and then I watched a couple of vids and realised you are even
    whackier then I remembered – he’s gonna think we are both crazy LOLOLOLOL

  13. Nasirh Elias says:

    sir..genius…U’re a singer and act well like Jim Carrey love it..thanks
    for techniques!

  14. Irishjoy24 says:

    Please don’t sing the song “Let It Go” 😳🙄

  15. Taeler Willms says:

    I love the funny faces you make, they’re amazing

  16. Kevin mc namara says:

    a funny man that makes it look easy great ,

  17. Wow this is epic, you’re telling it perfectly! Thank you

  18. Kevin mc namara says:

    dylan ,i sing a bit high i was told i sing an, octave high ,can you help me
    to sing low like a man ,i had an ,accident and damaged my ear ,i am in a
    choir thanks great teacher,

  19. MaxxWill Ransome says:

    I’m surprised that I knew this and I didn’t even know it.

  20. MaxxWill Ransome says:

    My worry is that my voice will crack/ break

  21. Kevin mc namara says:

    hi dylan ,can u help i txt you for bit help thanks,its down a bit on this
    page ,,,

  22. Sheetal Chahar says:

    when i sing a high not my voice start breaking and it stop at one time it
    become weird

  23. Sheetal Chahar says:

    like when i sing taylor swift shake it off there is a high note after a rap
    its like yeaahhoooooooooo can u teach how to sing it

  24. TheBarrs100 says:

    Love your videos Dylan realy looking forward to more Im looking for a
    breathing video I need more breathing suport. :-)

  25. The aforementioned duet songs have gained the hearts of hundreds of thousands and have cover variations by different artists as effectively.

  26. Camila Odom says:

    Vocal music is music performed by one or more singers, which are typically called songs , and which may be performed with or without instrumental accompaniment, in which singing provides the main focus of the piece.

  27. Mariah Lucero says:

    You can think of these different singing voices because the ABC of singing.

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