Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Support) with Rae Henry

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Breath Lesson (57min extended). Watch Now!

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40 thoughts on “Singing Lessons – Episode .2. (Breath Support) with Rae Henry

  1. Alexa Duffy says:

    Whats your email? I would like to email you.

  2. Nancy Rivertale says:

    Go to which has exercises like this and many more for all

  3. Jessica Lemond says:

    What’s your email? I would like to discuss a lot of things with you. 🙂

  4. Nataya Prater says:

    its not free!!! I just left that site.

  5. amber zorn says:

    hi my names amber and I was just wandering if yuou knew how to fix a airy
    tierd voice when I sing

  6. Alana Guevara says:

    hello I am 13 and was always wanting to sing and u make it very easy to
    understand plz contact me I wish to talk to u to be inspired by a future

  7. SwedishTourist says:

    you know what… this really helped me. my voice sound a lot clearer and
    less strained. and it’s easier to take higher notes.

  8. Jenet Luyt says:

    whats ur e-mail would like to ask you if you can help me

  9. Tracy Rounds says:

    6:30 is where the practice goes

  10. Sierra Heathman says:

    I like to practice in the bathroom so I can see myself, I think it helps me
    to do less weird stuff.

  11. Aiden Thornguard says:

    Thank you so much~! This is a great way to find where your diaphragm is! I
    never understood from descriptions of where it should be, but now I know
    because of this video so thank you! My singing already has much more

  12. Stevie Rzeznikiewicz says:

    When I sing I tend to yawn in the middle. Please help!

  13. Maddy Boden says:

    Yawn is a sign of lack of breath so try taking deep breaths

  14. Janie Rickert says:

    1:02 😛 but your a really good teacher and my breathing has been better
    lately so thanks

  15. Stevie Scsglione says:

    you are so awesome I am actually starting to sing better

  16. Azlan spY says:

    I was a choir student back in school but after years w/o training, I have
    lost the techniques…I can still sing though but after viewing your
    videos, you reminded me of what my choir instructor taught me 13 years
    ago…thank you so much!

  17. yungstud171 says:

    Your accents very annoying but good lesson

  18. Jessica Pullman says:

    Where did the red-haired lady go? x xD

  19. stratmister says:

    Dear Rae , I enjoy your voice lessons, you are a fantastic voice teacher.
    Only it is such a shame that the moment you open up, the audio clips;
    distortion by running your mic too HOT! I would gladly help identity the
    problem if you would described your setup to me. email me stratmister@
    gmail . . . .

  20. Christopher Mason says:

    Im learning a lot thanks for your videos 

  21. julie flournoy says:

    Will you post a link to your free singing exercises? Thanks!

  22. Kaitlin Davis says:

    If your in band you learn to stagger breathe. Quickly take a sudden breath
    where it’s not noticed

  23. Kaitlin Davis says:

    If your in band you learn to stagger breathe. Quickly take a sudden breath
    where it’s not noticed

  24. Clary Roth (Jynx) says:

    My stomach feels so weird… lol

  25. odalis galvez says:

    IT WORKS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂 <3 +Rae Henry 

  26. Nia Bashir says:

    Whats the music in the way beggining???

  27. kate7407 fry says:

    you are a grate teacher even if you dont have as many sudscriders they
    probibly have not
    found their way i know it has helped me and i am extreamly happy how my
    voice is now .
    (life is a song you must sing it.)

  28. HerShenanigans says:

    Again, very helpful. Thank you so much!

  29. CherylDaniel says:

    Thanks Rae. Is your webpage still up?

  30. Ahmad Barati says:

    Thank you very much for the very informative video. But, I am a bit
    confused. When you take a breath in then tend to let it out the lower part
    of the abdomen will have to come in. In other words you must suck in your
    tummy in order to let the air out. You are saying to push the wall of the
    tummy out when you let the air out. Did I misunderstood you? Do mind please
    elaborate on this a bit. Thank you.

  31. Stefan Maric says:

    omg you are amazing… One of the best vocal coaches I ve found here…
    keep up the good work … 🙂

  32. Mator Irru says:

    Wow, what a hot vocal coach)))

  33. ABD'ALLAH JAMANI says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    God bless you!

  34. Kevin mc namara says:

    the best coach on you tube,xx

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