Singing Lessons Endurance Warm Up Tenor Range

Discover all about Singing Lessons Endurance Warm Up Tenor Range by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Singing Lessons Endurance Warm Up Tenor Range.

Singing lesson focused on long phrases and tone quality. This singing lesson is suitable as a warm up as well as a skill to be practiced in order to achieve greater matching of tone from vowel to vowel. Useful as well in understanding descending phrases and ascending phrases. Finally, this singing lesson is meant to be a mini aural skills lesson, helping one begin the process of knowing the notes of the scale that they are singing purely by listening. More at:
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4 thoughts on “Singing Lessons Endurance Warm Up Tenor Range

  1. Alan Wong says:

    Dear Jeff, I’ve been watching your videos for several months. The major
    problem I’m facing now is that my muscle controlling the closure of cord is
    not strength enough and thus I lose air when singing notes in middle C or
    above. May you upload more videos about strengthening those muscles?

  2. Mason Vaughn says:

    I love to sing…luckily, my dogs love me regardless of what I sound like.

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